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FaceBreaker Game

Damn doggy, we did it again! You just can't stop us... or this song. Kenna's "Out of Control (XXXchange & Darko Free Donuts and Shellfish Remix)" is featured on the Electronic Arts (EA) boxing game FaceBreaker, as well as last years MLB 08: The Show. Now, if only we had the licensing rights! Download the remix for free, right here.

FacBreaker Screen 2
FacBreaker Screen 1
FacBreaker Screen 3

Live @ Home part 15

My man Morse Code was one of the first dudes I thought of when I started to reach out to some of the homies for this year's Live at Home mixes. He is also the first of any of the guys I reached out to to come through and actually make (ahem, hope yall are reading this). As you can tell from the tracklist, this looks pretty official. Thats all from my end, here are some words from the man himself...

"I couldn't remember the last time I had set out to make a mix without some type of theme or concept that I thought would appeal to people and just mixed a buncha songs I like. So while relishing that opportunity, I made a lil crate of some midtempo songs I really like at the moment and then hit record and got into it. This was a lot of fun to make, hope u enjoy it!"


Morse Code - Live @ Home


wu-tang - shaolin brew (st ides ad)
raekwon - wu ooh
large professor - for my people
madlib - two for pay jay
the wailers - soul rebel
flying lotus - massage situation
kenny dope - get on down
pudgee the fat bastard feat. notorious BIG - think big
curtis vodka - madhouse yeah rmx
young jeezy - circulate
3xcrazy - highslidin"
j dilla - 44
jan hammer group - don't u know
q-tip - dance on glass
dexter wansel - the sweetest pain
joe beats - doing the nothing
sly and the family stone - you caught me smiling
kurupt - we can freak it
peedi crakk - more towels
personal touch - it ain't no big thing (re-edit)

GhostLabs Launch!

Been cleaning up some more Max patches I've been working on and made a repository for them all with an equally silly name in the form of GhostLabs. The newest release from the labs is GhostEffects. Here's what it looks like:

The idea for this came from Chris and Ron's persistent use of delay pedals plugged into their mixers. I thought to myself, I've got this whole friggin' computer in front of me can't I use this for some kind of effect? Using the patented Ghost Effects system you can now run RCA (or quarter inch) to eighth inch cables through the in and out on your mac and the aux channel on your mixer. With a good level coming in to your computer you can then send it through one of the simple effects or your favorite VST. Run the whole thing behind Serato for extra fun.

Can you do this same thing with something like Ableton? Probably. And the new Serato betas and updates will probably make this obsolete at some point as well (I hear the newest one has a sampler in it), but you can chalk these little patches up to one nerdy DJ's hobby for now.

Stuff is beta and maybe buggy but try it out if you're so inclined. And watch GhostLabs for updates and other tidbits of info. Ghost out.

stuff that never got released part 5: TOTAL RECALL GIRLZ

Sorry that last post was a total waste of space here's a good one.

The Virgins. A band who, you'd hope, would look like this:

but sadly, they look like this:

and they sound kind of like the strokes. except on dope. or like, the strokes crossed with the modern lovers? anyway I did 2 mixes for them on spec. The first had, according to an Atlantic A&R who will remain unnamed, too many changes, or different parts for a dance song:

"the Atlantic team love the direction you took it
in, but as a remix... they feel that there are to many "feelings" aka
"moods" to keep the average dance floor patron interested and remembering
the song, they would like for you to remove some of the diversity (imagine
that) and keep it a straight dance floor song"

A fair piece of criticism. So I redid it, still on spec, and turned in this version which I thought was pretty good:


after I turned this in I was pretty sure it was a wrap but then they came back again this time saying "now it's too dancey." I was beginning to feel like a rat in a maze and more than a little sick of the song, not to mention I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe they were just fucking with me for the fun of it. so I said "ok give me half the money we agreed on up front and I'll do another mix" (not really intending to do shit except take the money). and that's where we left it.

photos courtesy of and


Live @ Home part 14

It's been almost a year exactly since Live@home jumped off and its great to have Chico Sonido here for the birthday party. I asked for a Live@Home mix and he obliged. Lucky for us. This mix is the shit.

On the Mix:
" 'paisadelic' is the word i like to use to describe the sound of my first album wich is a mix between the words "paisa" (that comes from "paisano" that is the term mexicans use to call the one from their own country, in LA this word is used by cholos to refer to mexicans) , and the word 'psychedelic'. "

Mix is released here and over at 8106....they post cool videos and good MP3s...visual game, also tight.

Paisadelic - Chico Sonido LIve@Home 14


A few things about Chico Sonido : He is from Mexico and is currently living in LA. He did that awesome cumbia refix of Rye Rye's Shake it To The Ground last year. He apparently has an awesome record collection. He is set to release an album sometime real soon. Check out his tracks and mixes here.

Over Throw Miami

Feb 20th - Over Throw Miami

Apparently the internet says this "Over Throw" party is off the chain and how can it not be... just look at that mean-ass panther thingy on the flyer... COME ON! So, put some pep in your step and kick it with us. We're bringing nothing but 'A' game and panther penis!

Devlin & Darko + Contra
w/ Damaged Goods, Troy Hurtz, Jessica Who? and special guests...

Free Admission n' Free Red Stripe starting at 11 until they run out!
$10 dollars without list action, so be sure to...

The King Is Dead
10 NE 40 St
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 573-3355


Selda - Ince Ince (devlinishortedit)

I heard that the Oh No track that samples this song is on the TV looky box all the time these days. This edit is from a vynil rip i got from Radge, so it's pretty dirty...
It's got some weirdness additions in there though so maybe, when your going in with strange songs at 9 pm on a wednesday, the place will go nutz.

Info on Selda...Go here, its worth it

record bags

What's nerdier than collecting records? Some of these bags bring me serious nostalg for the record spots of my youts. Some just look cool. A couple might be common to you New York peeps but I haven't dwelled down there in a minute so bear with me on this trip down the memory hole. Bonus entries from Chris on the other end!

Holler at Princeton. A post shopping poop in the bathrooms on campus is a must!Vintage Vinyl is always the look on the drive back from Princeton. Spiralie. This place is gone/moved?
A nod to TTL's current design.
OM classic.
A friend of mine nabbed me this in Spain a while back.
Some ornate designs from Chris's collection.
Also Chris's, the hand drawn Pirates fan chickadee jump off. Very nice.

Part one? Anyone got some part twos?

Slow Jams and Finger Bang anthems

It seems like this winter the mood has shifted here in Texas. Two of the homies have put out (hehe put out) mixes of slow jams that are both cocoa butter smooth and a good change up from the usual relentless club banging stuff I am forced to hear these days.
Dj Sober, of The Party out of Dallas, put his out a few weeks ago that I finally got around to listening to the other day. Satin Sheets is the name, and I wish it came with some cuz these 1000 ct Egyptian cotton joints just are not cutting it anymore.

Grab the mix here...
Dj Sober - Satin Sheets Vol. 1

The second mix was surprisingly done by my good homie DJ Mel. He still has not told me happy birthday, but dude is weird either way. This mix makes up for it. He takes on an alias, Mel Cavaricci, and just as nice as those jeans were in 80s, this mix compliments the wing tips and satin shirts. The Motel Mix has the feel of one of those leave the military base and get someone pregnant type nights. Enjoy...

Grab the mix here...
Dj Mel - The Motel Mix vol. 1


R. Kelly - Sex Me
Jodeci - Forever My Lady
Whitehead Bros. - Your Love Is A 187
H-Town - Knockin' Da Boots
Silk - Freak Me
R. Kelly - Honey Love
Bar-Kays - Anticipation
Freddie Jackson - Rock Me Tonight
Bobby Brown - Roni
Johnny Gill - My, My, My
Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha
Atlantic Starr - Secret Lovers
Roger - I Wanna Be Your Man
Zapp - Computer Love
Isley Brothers - Between the Sheets
Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever
Jodeci - Come & Talk To Me (Bad Boy Remix)
SWV feat. Missy Elliott - Can We
Al B. Sure - Nite & Day
Eugene Wilde - Gotta Get You Home Tonight
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity (Warm & Sensitive Mix)


The 10 min. mini- mix from Tuesday's Ice Cream Social before my fucking tape broke:

Oldies Mini Mix

Around the Corner


Its 11:30 am, Wednesday... So you know they're not having a party, this is just how they do. Really? Come on, your making me embarrassed for my community doggy!

Tracklisting Mysteries: solved

1) Last week I was trying to track down what I thought was an Emporer Machine song called Profundito. Turns out I had it all wrong. The song is called Profundita, and it's not by The Emporer Machine.

Full write up @ Picadilly

2) I posted a mix last week and didn't know actual name or artist of the last song on the mix. I got the song from Emily Rabbit and when she sent it, there was no artist tag. Luckily, someone named Liquid Vega sorted out the mystery in the comments section after the post.

This truly awesome song is called Loving You Sometimes. Get all the info and the track @ Garage Hangover
how i feel :

tooting my own horn?

new interview with yours truly up here on the fools gold website!
also I'm playing here on friday:
not kidding. come out!
1071 5th ave @89th street


Huggs is in town and we are headed to the studio for Mofo Radio with Ghostdad. Im taking all the good/ok vinyl i have up here in JP (a SMALL fraction of mis discos) and we are gonna be "mixing" the whole time (i think). Expect skips, echos, wierdness, etc.

10 pm - 1am Stream HERE

IM or AIM us @ wzbcdj

New Wierdness...

Did this for . Recorded late last night, live in the Living Room with the echo pedal.


Download :
Bicicleta MIx

Track List:
Raul Sexias - Mosca no Sopa
Niel Diamond - Delerious Love
Willie Hutch - Tell me Why Has our Love Turned Cold
Animal Collective - My Girls
Noze - Love Affair
Gary Bartz - Funked up
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Ritual #1
INTERLUDE 1 of tomany
Whole Lotta Love - C.C.S.
Whole Lotta Love - Dennis Coffey
La Gringa Inga - Ingles En Un 2x3
Selda - Ince Ince (Devlin_Edit)
Selda(w/kardslar) - Nem Kaldi (Devlin Remix)
Super Eagles - Love is a Real thing
duction - intro
T.Rex - Cosmic Dancer
The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
Ariel Goodman Weston - clean underwear
tell me (cause i dont know.) - Lovin You

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