Wow @ 3:00 part 4

What is it about the 3 min. mark?!

Via A Panic Tarred Brink

happy trails.

Headed to the Beach..heres some heavy rotation songs for your week-end.

Night Court - Vibes

thanks G v.s B

In The Mood - Parra Soundsystem

Tonight in BKLYN!

Wow @ 3:00 part 3

More like holy shit.
I found this song on a mix Frank@Voodoofunk did. I bought some more of the African Brothers' stuff, pretty awesome....Here is a version of their song Self Reliance edited with a little longer intro for 'mixing'... Arrangement other than that is the pretty much the same. Maybe I did a 16 or 32 bar repeat for a mix out about 4 minutes in...Whatever, anyway, its probably best to play the whole 9 minutes of FUEGO.

The above image is from a good blog about contemporary art.

Fundraiser for Kon

Unfortunate news about local legend DJ Kon. We sincerely wish him well with what are hopefully the final stages of his recovery at home after getting out of the hospital a few weeks ago. The fundraiser is going down this Monday at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. Lots of great local DJ's and AMIR will be there too. From the facebook invite:

In case you didn't know already, every Boston DJ's favorite DJ has been in and out of the hospital and unable to play his gigs for the last few weeks. Since Kon DJs for a living NO GIGS = NO INCOME!! A few of us have already donated money from gigs to Kon, but now it's time for everyone to step up for a great DJ and an even better friend...

$10 SUGGESTED DONATION EVERY PENNY GOES TO KON + you get to hear Kon inspired music from Amir, Supreme One, 7L, Ms Thang, Gucci Vuiton & Soul Clap!!!

If you cannot attend or want to donate more money you can send via paypal to djmsthang at gmail.

Just added :::: Amir from Waxpoetics/ Kon& Amir/ King of digging

Pool Disco/Lonley Robots

Waht a weekend .. discovered this :

and this:

Both should be played very loud

Live @ Home 22: Joe T

Joe T (formerly known as DJ ComaToast) and I went Art school together back in the early 00's. We would hang out and talk about graffiti and records and occasionally DJ together. It was a great time to be DJing, everyone was really down to just dance and it was before every city had some sort of internet dance scene, so the wide range of records being played at parties like Taxadermy Lodge didn't seem forced, it was just good music for dancing (not a novel idea i know).

Joe T and Joe Hoyt had an occasional residence at TaxLo and thats where I first heard him play. He played funk, disco, cool modern dance tracks and some shit that was a bit to far out (in a Nucleus kind of way) for the drunk chicks, but it was really cool. I asked him for a mix of songs he's been listening to lately and, lucky for you I, he sent this :

Count Down To Oblivion(live@home 22) - Joe T.

...on the Mix:

"This mix for me is a sampling of music to make art by. Its basically some rock stuff and some folky hippie tunes I enjoy lately in my studio. My tastes kind of change every couple of years, I still love the funk, soul, and Latin stuff, but right now this is where I'm at. Honestly, I've really been a bad record nerd lately. I currently reside in Chicago, but look back fondly on the freaky dj'ing and partying days in Baltimore. Thanks to Mr. Devlin for letting me share."

Joe also did the fresh artwork for the mix...MOre @ his BLOG


Purchases/grabs of the day

Don't sleep on these items!

1. Flowers for your girl:

2. Free melon from farmers market (assorted tomatoes in background):


Not to drive a dead horse home but you should go buy this. I picked mine up at my "local independent (but still kind of a chain that puts other stores out of beezwax)" retailer and I bet it'd be just as fun if you pick it up at yours too! Congratulations to Amanda and everyone involved in the artistry producing and DJing and concepting and vocalizing on this album. You did it!

Buy the Record, Mp3, or CD..........Here, There, Anywhere!

Amanda Blank (aka: Goth Queen of the new Scientology) debut album out today....

Buy the Record, Mp3, or CD..........Here, There, Anywhere!

SIde Project revealed!

Totally Take-Out!


Ended up in Albany, New York today on our travels. While pulling into our hotel, we saw a tiny hand drawn sign for "Totally Take-Out BBQ" and decided it was probably a good look. Low and behold, we find this flat bed truck with two dudes just tossing chickens on a large outside grill, with what looked like the big rubber gloves fishermen use to handle crabs. They inform us to go over to the building on our right and it ends up being a fundraiser inside a church. The purchase of a $10 Adult coupon gets you a large half chicken meal with corn on the cob, baked potato, bun and choice of dessert pie! One of the old ladies even went into the back and brought us out a whole stick of butter.





Oh yeah, I also found this sweet deal on a used Midi Controller over in New Jersey at the world's WORST Guitar Center!


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