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Fully Fitted is going down at hiro again this thursday. Pase xxxchange and DArko plus guests apes and androids. Make sure you RSVP for the freeness!

Live @ Home....Part 1

The title of this Post is taken from a Richy Pitch Ep of the same name (Dope Cover!!). I think it is a really good title for this new seris of mini-mixes here at Fully Fitted so, I'm Jacking it. I'm getting some freinds and fellow Djs to make a mix at home (1 take no edits) and send it in to be distrubuted on the internets.

I did this one the other Day, sometimes things don't go as you planned.

Live@Home_vers2.1 - C.Devlin (UPUPUP(up)DATED LINK)

Shit, Playlist :


Aw C'mon!! crappy MacBook speakers?? ..put it on the stereo or headphones or sumthin.

Stay tuned for more installments...

Ain't That A Bitch!

The long-awaited release of the Chipset/Rockswell rework of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" will most likely be included on the upcoming FULLY FITTED EP. Which, unbeknownst to moi, was first sampled by Kid 'N Play back in 1988 on the 2Hype album. Look, before you get all huffy puffy... Kid 'N Play only sucked after they started making movie sequels, Sprite commercials and Saturday morning cartoons. Before that, they were great! If you don't believe me, then you probably only started listening to hip hop after you saw one of their movie sequels, Sprite commercials or Satuday morning cartoons.


The Joys of Unconventional Employment.

You can do shit like:

buy good food, and listen to the news on the radio while making breakfast:

Break 1

break 2

Pancakes bitches.

break 3

Draw yourself a flyer:

original 1

Hang out at Kinko's for a couple hours making Posters:

kinkos 1


Touch up some old sketches:

sketch book 2
sketch book 4

Work on some new ones:

sketch book 1

new drawing

Put music together :

live at home

"live at home, like Richy Pitch " part 1 ... coming soon.

Make yourself lunch :

lunch 1

Go get caffine and repeat in any order....

add controlled substances if you like.

Get mad when your pictures get cropped real shitty...stupid blog.

Film Fights

Alex and I used to have heated arguments over the order of the
Mad Max movie franchise. I can't remember which side of the fence
either of us were on or which one of us was ever right, but I know this...


And for Chris... the definitive answer is...

game of death cover
game of death back


fixed this link to the me vs. Eli E.V.R. show. now it's the whole show instead of just the last hour. Pretty much everything on the upcoming Fully Fitted EP is on this show so be sure and check it out!
track listing is here.


One of the tracks from the up-coming Fully Fitted EP (soon to be released on Money Studies) got leaked about a week ago on the
Mad Decent Blog. So, before it gets yanked... download XXXchange's
100 Million Re-Edit while its still available for fucking free!


Guest Mixes: From our generous Friends.part 2

Live Boogie Disco Mix from:

prince classik Prince Klassen

Take it away Klayston...

""When Mr Devlin got at me about posting this mix up I was a bit surprised and amused that he and a few others were really feeling it. Back when I was still living in San Antonio (hometown baby baby!) I was apart of a collective known as the Diggin Deep Quartet. It started with JJ Lopez playing northern soul, modern soul, and heavy funk in the basement of a swanky bar downtown. He being a mentor of mine years back, I always had respect for him and his musical selections. His tastes started to mature a bit and started moving into more of a disco sound, as did mine. We both had a large background in House music and culture, so the step was a logical one to take. Soon after, we discovered a slower, deeper sound that the english like to call boogie. The sound was derived from a disco backlash, hip hop, r&b and other new experiments in musical instrumentation. I have been inspired by New Yorks melting pot of cultures since I could remember, and this was no different. The time period I constantly look on the back of records range from 79-84, those are my years. If any of those years are on there with some bad looking cover, chances are you got some serious heat. I mean it makes sense, I was born in 83. The year hip hop went from being disco to "hip hop", the Misfits broke up, and Thriller became the best selling record of all time. You do the math. Oh wait, this had nothing to do with the mix... we made this in the basement of said swanky bar, Davenport (RIP), all live, all vinyl."

Live @ the Davenport 2005 JJ Lopez & Prince Klassen


Prince Klassen Post Script :" I will be posting a rant on fullyfitted soon enough about serato djs (which I am on) and cry baby vinyl djs (which I am on as well) for ten effing years mind you."

Tracklist (revised for zip file):

1. ain't no thing but a chickin' wing danglin' from my dingaling' knaw mean? Mang?
2. the strikers - body music (instrumental)
3. Get into the beat - Get into the beat
4. archie bell - any time is right
5. starpoint - don't leave me
6. big mouth band - the box
7. search "like the way you funk with me" philly world (Klassen's fav!)
8. crown heights affair - body and soul
9. change -  a lovers holiday
10. gonzalez - i want to (get close to you)
11. melba moore - love me right
12. nona hendryx - b-boys
13. melba moore - one more time
14. daniel wang - pistol oderso
15. the sunburst band - here comes the sunburst band
16. the love rapper - the lover's rap
17.lee moore - do you feel like a party

Do The ALF!

Just wait til' the kids start posting up their new ALF dances on youtube.


Alf also made a quick cameo on our tour podcast a little while back...

And to complete the trinity... wait for it...


Fully Fitted represented hard in Los Angeles this past weekend at Santi's "Creator" video shoot. there was lots of car chases (2), mad little kids, Security of the first world meets Robert Palmer back up dancers, a kidnapping, a latenight ocean swim in vintage wetsuits, Jim Jones (not BAAALLLIIIIN! Jim Jones or Capo status Jim Jones, the other one with the Kool Aid), NWA Straight Outta Compton Posse shots. what else? mad cameos. like maaaaadddd cameos. Directed by Ace Norton. here's some pics:

Guest Mixes: From our generous Friends.

Part 1 : Balagan


"Digging for records can be academic, but Kant and Euclid never made your ass move. Audioblogs galore are as imposing as they are pleasing, and the ability to let the world know what you're into has spawned an excess of "B-more" remixes of Eagles songs and such that the world can do without. The internet is an accessory to taste, not a substitution.

This mix Funny Accent is my wee contribution to the arena, based on records I actually own and have found around the world by asking questions and really enjoying the process of learning about music. It reflects me as a listener first and a DJ second, as any mix should. Mr. Devlin seems to agree, that's why he's my dawg and he put me on his blog"


Thanks to Sam for writing a little something and giving us the link. Really nice mix he's got running here. Check for the George bush , "Sin duda"

If you want info or TRACKLISTING drop Balagan a line

Stay Tuned for Part 2 with : Klayston P

Grammy Family

Ma Dukes watched the Grammys the other night and felt compelled to continuously tell me about these two glowing cyborgs in this pyramid thingy. She thought they were soooo cool... I peeped the youtube video below and found that I can't be mad at her... she right. I can only hope that in the not-to-distant future, Naeem's still jumping around on stage and Chris and I are in a hugh lazer triangle!

And for all the new kids out there, heres the original dance floor heater.

Monday : Very Cold

Wow. In NY today it's 11 (F) and the windchill is below zero. Good thing I don't have a jobjob . I'm gonna stay inside make sprinkle edits , and download music. While today is freezing ,the weekend was pretty nice. Saturday I hit the town with Alex Huggs and Clayton Pretty Titty. We went bar and party hopping and around 2am Alex and I ended up at Savalas, where this kid played an amazing Yacht Rock set. Steely Dan to Michael McDonald and all that good stuff, but I digress.

The point of the story is, after Late night Falafels on Houston I purchased this :





This book is amazing (and crazy as shit)...but don't take it from me... It is, according to the author, "the most read in New York" and Russel Simmons says, "I really like the title."

As for the artwork, I've been to art school and, man, a class could probably have a 30 min. discussion on it's formal qualities alone, but that would be pretty boring....
Just buy a copy and enjoy.

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