Holiday Record Buys

With the Fully Fitted A team filling us in on their gallivants across the globe (holler D+D currently doing their Australia thing) I thought I'd fill you in on my exotic holiday travels to New Jersey. It started well with a trip to the local mall, deteriorating further with every visit!

Benefiting though is the record spot of my youth. Formerly a hole in the wall on the second floor, they've moved down into what is obviously a retired Sam Goody. Good riddance Sam! The vinyl selection has slimmed but there are still a few cuts just good enough not to own:

The Salsoul Classics reissue among them ended up being warped to shit when I got home. My fault for not checking it out first. Still 3 bucks well spent supporting the place. Found the tracks online so my monetary loss could be your digital gain:

Anthony White - Block Party (Walter Gibbons 12-inch Mix)

Surface - Falling In Love

A quick cut from Mikey B. (no gel next time Mike!) and an Auntie Anne's pretzel later I was on my way home getting ready to do the damn thing.

Happy Thanksgiving from the armpit.


Dj Khaled said they The Very Best

Esau Mwamawaya and Radioclit are THE VERY BEST

I was trying to make these easy for you to where you can actually click the image, but my coding skills are not happening tonight. Instead, click the link above.

The Radioclit dudes sent this over a little while ago and so far this is nothing but dope. Free album download by Esau and Radioclit on some other worldness that is truly tasteful. Some of these tracks have been on the internet for some time now, but here they are in all their entirety. They also sent over two new remixes that are not going on the blog... deal with it.

Kraak aand smaak ree ediit

I just did a little number on this one. Have fun...


Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me (prince klassen young professional edit)

Serato Roll update

I asked about this awhile back and have since installed the upgrade and done the correct protocol for making this function active. While I was playing with it and showing it to some of my friends, I did learn a neat trick that I have not seen anyone post about yet, which is how to keep the function active even after you quit and restart.

Here is the trick I am talking about...

So what I did was, instead of having to make the new crate constantly, I thought about changing the name of an already existing crate just to see what happens. So, I made a new crate called, "we gettin arab money", and threw a few evvy chunes in it (dont know if that is necessary, but did it either way) I then renamed the crate to the "proper" name that enables the function and voi effing la... it stayed. Have fun.

oh yeah and if you got an extra hand or mutant hands like the young curtstradamus, there is a way to shorten and lengthen the roll joints too...

TONIGHT Huggs back in Boston !

Just a quick note to let peeps in Boston know our dude Huggs is back in town Tonight, helping Brek.One and myself kick off a new James Bond themed monthly at the Goodlife. Dim Mak exclusives and giveaways starting us off literally in style!

Reggae Two Shot: The Abyssinians

Anyone familiar with roots knows The Abyssinians, and my good friends Trees over at Jump The Turnstyle reminded us why it's always good to go back to said roots. Read his post here, and download the tracks below (reshared as to not mooch bandwidth, what was up with the temporary shut down guys!?)

The Abyssinians - Satta Massagana

The Abyssinians - Poor Jason White

As always you can hear the reggae two shot Wednesdays at 11pm on Mofo Radio, then download the tracks here at Fully Fitted, with special thanks this week to our friends at Jump The Turntsyle. Is that enough blogs for you!?!! Selecta Prince Klassen on deck with the next. The show is on holiday next week though so might have to wait two weeks? Unless we make it internet only?

Claire Hux: D-Lake Guest Post


It's DLake from Baltimore/Unruly Records introducing my new group "Claire Hux". We are comprised of Singer Symbol, DJ Morsy (NYC-Nanachill), and myself Hype Man/DJ/Producer/Auto Tune using Vocal guy DLake. I like to say we take our influences from Bel Biv Devoe, Fresh Prince, and Outkast with a 2008 party music keep everyone dancing sorta twist (Especially cuz we have a bunch of syncopated choreographed dances throughout our set).

Claire Hux just finished a brand spanking new mixtape that was mixed by the Unruly Records great SCOTTIE B.!!! Titled "Jammin on the One" (If you get the Cosby Show reference you get 2 cool points). You can download it here.

And............ while you wait for that download to finish, don't forget to peep the crazy compilation video of a few of our shows (It's mad entertaining I promise).

As always... If your feeling us tell all your friends, send a link to the mixtape, burn them a copy, blog about it, befriend us on myspace or facebook so you can keep up on the comings and goings of Claire Hux. Great things planned for 2009. One of those great things is actually the 3rd Annual "March Mustache and Miniskirt Party" with Devlin & Darko and Claire Hux. Probably going to be early March sometime.. more info on that in the next month or so! Last year was BANANAS so this year is going to be even crazier!

Feedback always appreciated!

Claire Hux Facebook

iChat Convo Snippets Pt.2

Xxxchange/Devlin radio streaming

and description at the Mofo Radio blog. Or hit the little flash dealy below!

Alexxxchange and Devlin on Mofo Radio

ps: tropical head wear for this one a must:

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (prince klassen intro edit)

I just made this quick edit for a little extended pleasure of this sweet sweet chune. I was almost tempted to make a 3 minute loop of the intro... that might just happen. Disregard Marc Almond and his "partner" coming out ol girl's hair, that did not really happen, it was photoshopped.

listen here...

download here...
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (prince klassen intro outro edit)


I think I'm gonna write a song today
it's gonna be about rhyming and words
I think I'm gonna have a lot to say
this fucking song is going to change the world
I think I'm going to find myself today
I'm gonna turn into a glass of jameson (on the rocks of course)
my doctor says it's gonna be a sad day
but at least I get the girl
I think I'm gonna write a song today
the one I've been chasing my whole life
won't have to wait to record
all there done in one take
I'm gonna write a song today
just wait, you'll see it's gonna get a grammy
you're gonna be singing this song today
and for the rest of your time here
and it won't even be about panties...

Reggae 6 Shooter...

Good Fun on the show last night with Ghostdad and Alexxx Change, we did a Reggae Six shot and here are the chunes:

Super Beagle - Dust A SoundBoi
The Slits - I heard it Through The Grapevine
No Requests - Heartbroken
Baba Brooks - Guns Fever
Prince Buster - Al Capone
Busy Signal - Cool Baby

Download them all here:
XXXchange and Devlin - Reggae Six Shooter

Bird Peterson - Shooked (prince klassen young professional edit)

I was working on this most of the afternoon and I think I am finally happy with it. Its a little quirky, but I think thats what I like about it. Definitely a evvy chune, for the stay at home ADD type.

You can listen here...

You can download it here...
Bird Peterson (prince klassen young professional edit)

tonite LIVE on the Radio

Tune in tonite to Mofo Radio with Ghostdad, XXX Change, and myself :



Santo Scratchin'

When Chris & I were at sound check the other day, we started messing around with juggles and scratches. I guess it put me "back in the mood", because when I recently hooked up my computer... I ended up doing this for about an hour.

stuff that never got released pt.4 (sort of)

Lots of people have been asking for this one so I figured i'd put it up. This actually came out in the video game "skate" but never saw an mp3 release on the soundtrack or otherwise so for those that asked here ya go:

Rick Ross Hustlin' (xxxchange remix)

Reggae 2 shot..REwind, links fixed

From last nights program...

U Roy & Hopeton Lewis - Tom Drunk

Johnny Osbourne - Buddy Bye

Be sure to CHUNE IN HERE (anywhere on planet earth, and beyond) next week for XXX change and Devlin alongside GhostDad. New music, old music and at least 2 reggae selections....

Mofobama cross post.

Celebration vid from last night. Fireworks and a drunk rendition of America the Beautiful.

And a reminder to chune in for some more chunes, tonight, on Mofo Radio, 10pm est on WZBC (stream it here). This week's reggae to shot at 11 provided by Mr. Devlin. Watch this space for the sound share tomorrow!

And in case you missed the Cabide mayhem from two weeks ago see the live MPC mayhem on video! His Miami Bass/old school electro mix was also way on point so I wanted to cross post it here. Who knew a dude from Rio would get his hands on all kinds of records from Miami, and bring them up to Boston to kill it! I think he's tearing it up in New York this week for you folks down there.

Cabide Electromix

It's a new day!


fall mix for cloud plum

Fall is Texas too, which is really weird. I can't remember the last time it was actually cold or cool this time of year in Texas. I kind of don't know what to do with myself, I feel like I should still be wearing tee shirts and sweating for days.

With the official announcement of the fall season, it seems like my tastes change every year. Music, fashion, food, activities, they all get a face lift.

Here is an exclusive mix I did for and its followers. This is all music that influences me and also reminds me of the Fall. So PMP friendly...

You can listen here...

or you can just download it here...
cloud plum fall mixtape

Shuta Hasunuma - Return of the Bamboo
Harmonia - Ahoi!
Chessie - Take The Lark
Koushik - Welcome
Mos Def - May-December
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Apple Juice Break
Stereolab - Self Portrait with Electric Brain
Neu! - Isi
Yo La Tengo - Our Way to Fall
Beach House - Gila
Hauschka - Kotoba Naku
Feist - The Water
Arthur Russell - Losing my Taste for the Night Life

Baltimore Mega Post Slim

Went back home this week to link up with Darko and put together some ideas for festival sets in Australia . We called up one of Baltimores good dudes, Jack who has helped us out with the use of his space in the past. The place is great, really crazy looking inside, and perfect for halloween time dj nerdery/ Evvy Chunery

...and the shtuuudio is right near the corner of :


.......We went to see NinjaSonik on thursday, WOW, funniest shit ever. These guys entertained all 12 people in the club for a full hour. They were running around singing along to a Minor Threat song and some dude said," Play your own songs!" To which JahJah replied, " hey, its cold outside, you need some covers." Too good!

Bathroom Sex...

Dj'd at Taxlo on Friday and afterwards Chipset and I went to this terrible after party on Baltimore St. behind the H&H.
We saw these amazing party lights and thought it was gonna be allright, but it looked like some kind of Tawney Town Meth Den inside...

Outside :




Lastly, here is my favorite tune right now...The whole comp is nice, check it.

Ifeanyi Eddie Okwedy & His Maymores Dance - Happy Survival


Haloween Mix!

played some alloween chunes on EVR last night. here's an edit without the talky part. enjoy!


complete tracklist:

Breakwater Release the beast
Redbone The Witch Queen of New Orleans


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