Fully Fitted EP video leaks pt. 2

To keep the video posts coming, here's the one for New Money:

New Money from Ghostdad on Vimeo.

More about these video in leaks pt. 1

And as always the shameless plug:

turntablelab vinyl

turntablelab digital

Tour video Part 2.

Here is the second video from the US tour Darko and I did with Amanda B, Santigoldenchild, and the Trouble Gang.

Tour starts again tomorrow in the UK @ Glastonbury. Excited about this one...In light of that, I had to get this video finished to dump all this facking footage so my computer will run for the next 2 weeks!
(read: excuse for lackluster video)

Amanda Blank Video from post-apocolyptic SXSW location

Tour is done for 3 days, wooo-hoo! Goddamn it was too much fun....Tour video part 2 coming soon....

This link was in my inbox today (thanks E!)....Its from a wierd "video" they shot of us in March during SXSW.. Pretty cool little live performace video thing i guess.

The song is "Make it Take it" credits go to Amanda, Tyler Pope, XXXchange and Santi White (I think thats all, Alex?)
Moustache credits go to Burlesque of North America.

Petite Feet Dub

Causes 2 has been out for a minute now and features a remix of Petite Feet we did some time ago. The intentionally over the top breakdowns that take em to church in that one makes it a little tricky for the dance floor, and we came up with some superb parts we wanted to let burn a little more so we also arranged the petite feet DUB. Chris at the console, me at the DX-7, consider this a b-side on some 4 DJs ONLY 12" type ishh. Grab it below:

Petite_Dub [feat. Sylvia Gordon]

I have reggae two shots to catch up on but we've been sitting on this dub for a while. I'll gather some of those for next week.



Here is one for Lazy Darko....

Saturday in JP!

I don't normally do this / Good Morning

Older entries a must



Rough Ridin' Rotten Ronnie

... excerpt from footage I've been sifting through for the next video... We've been using the echo mic whenever possible since Alexxx's crazy ass Birthday party Last year.

Live @ Home part 20

For edition #20 it's Acid Test Djs ... Never met these guys, but I've been mining their blog for psych, oddities, and edits for some time . Check out Spirit Bear and Udagawa HERE.

Acid Test on the mix:
"Udagawa gets the party started with some dirty manchester rock/acid house vibrations, and Spiritbear rounds it out with some thunderous rock and roll edits.
Perfect for your next bbq, just add whiskey, coke, leather, freaky ladies, and biker beards."


Acid Test DJs - Live @ Home For Your Mental


Tour Pics?

Minneapolis Manhole

While Chris has been taking tour video of creepers and thirsty people (inside joke), I've been taking O.G. 120 film photos with a Diana F+ camera. Its going to take a while before they can be developed, but I'm hoping that they'll turn out more artistic and vastly more interesting then regular, bum ass digital photos.

San Francisco, Sacramento, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Iowa, Baltimore and Boston are all in the bag. We're currently in the Tour Van headed up to Toronto and Montreal, hoping that Chris' past criminal activity as a youth doesn't hold us up for another two hours at the Canadian border... AGAIN!

"No officer, there are no drugs in the vehicle... we already ate them all"


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