Live @ Home #30 ... HONGKONGDRAGON

Installment 30 from collaborator and pen-pal, HONGKONGDRAGON.


"this mix was recorded live with an echo pedal and a little sampler... and the tracklist will be revealed when the mix is posted "


Tracklist in comments soon !

Black El + Durkin

Milf & Cookies from Black EL & Durkin on Vimeo.

Poised and ready to pounce like a cheetah Black El + Durkin are leaking a slow drip of content before they rip your face off on August 31st with El's new album "Color Commentary." It started with leaks not featured on the full length but today brings the first of the album cuts to float around the internet "Hi(GH)". I cut together the above video for one of em and played some instruments on a few songs. Grab Milf and Cookies, Rush, and Clockwise from Black El or Durk's blogues. See if you can pick out the ghost keys.

Drop the Lime - Sex Sax (ghostdad bootleg)

On the heels of the Vuvuzela beat I whipped up some more tropical(ish) riddims to put under Drop the Lime's sexual saxophone.

Not thiiiis Sex Sax. THIIIIS SEX SAX. Lots of awesome Sexy Saxes on the internets, glad to add to the pile.

Peep the soundcloud with link below for download:

Gtronic - Suckerpunch (prince klassen nihonmahton remix)

What up party people?!

Here is a new remix I have been sitting on that I am ready to send out. I hope this finds a home in your digital crates, boomin system jeeps, and pod pods.
GTRONIC - Sucker Punch (prince klassen nihonmahton remix) (109) by princeklassen


thanks for the tip off nancy...

Bobby Hebb - Sunny


Also: Where is everybody?

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