live at home pt.12 xxxchange

Since I did that shilo mix last month that basically has little or nothing to do with what I actually do when I deejay at parties and stuff I figured it's finally time to throw one of these together. so! without further ado, here's me live in my living room in all it's sloppy un-edited glory!

1. Black Ghosts "I Want Nothing"
2.Bag Raiders "Fun Punch" (xxxchange remix. mash version)
3.Ghost Hustler " Busy Busy Busy" (prince Klassen re-edit)
4.LCD Soundsystem "Get Innocuous" (Soulwax Remix)
5.Daft Punk "Alive"
6.Kissy Sellout "Her" (Touche remix)
7. Fake Blood "Blood Splashing"
8.Xinobi "Day Off"
9.Channing "Peanutz Enhancer" (Mobbing remix instrumental)
10.The Kills "Cheap and Cheerfull" (Sebastian Remix)
11.Unknown "Heartbroken" (cover version!?!)

xxxchange "live at home 12" (zshare)

if anybody has a track ID on this last one hit me up. Benzi gave it to me saying that it's the original version of T2's "heartbroken" but one look at the way it's mastered and ,well, i'm not so sure.


Forewarning: This is gonna be another long one! Pase Rock dropping in for my quarterly post. I'm down under in the land of OZ for a couple weeks so come check me out you Australians. Your gay diving gold medalist is GANGSTA! did you see that dive? like whoa. but I digress... I was in Los Angeles last week DJing up a storm and doing photoshoots and stuff. I knew I was going to be doing all these hipster parties and/or top 40 spots (which were still mad fun) so I reached out to the homies at the Do-Over to see if I could drop through and do a guest set. They were down. For those of you that don't know the Do-Over is the best party in Los Angeles and has been running for about 3 years. It's hosted by Chris Haycock, Jaime Strong from Stones Throw and the man the myth the legend Aloe Blacc. Aloe is the MC and they have a various who's who of DJ's unexpectedly stopping thru. This year alone Stretch Armstrong, Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Eleven, Thee Mike B, Will.I.Am, Lloydski, Blu Jemz, DJ Spinna, 9th Wonder, DJ namedrop namedrop namedrop have all showed up and rocked. They never announce the line up, you just have to come and get down and jam. It's a real music loving crowd on some sweaty backyard barbeque and sangria steez. BEAUTIFUL. My plan was to play some soulful disco and house but when I arrived Damon Bell was kinda destroying the game on that tip and Chris asked me to "get it loose" around 7 pm. Arabian Prince from NWA (yeah that NWA) was playing after me, so I was kinda in "holy shit" mode and really geeking out on some nerdy hip hop shit (bu-bu-but wait it gets worse!) so I check out the scene to see what was mean and feel it out a little bit on what I should do. I think I made the right decision. ANYWAY if you're ever in LA in the summertime on a sunday afternoon make sure you stop by Crane's Tavern in Hollywood for the Do Over. go for the music, get drunk off the sangria and stay for the BBQ.

ps: at about 28:32 Aloe Blacc freestyle w/ Dres from Black Sheep! why I didn't drop "engine engine number 9/ Choice Is Yours" only god knows. oh well I think it wouldve been too predictable anyway. next time I play at the Do-Over I'm GOING IN!

pps: Before I get called out...yes I know, Chris, Ron and everybody that's heard me DJ before (in the last 3 years at least) "fill in the blank jumpoff mix" is tired. It's officially retired with this set. I just played it for these guys cuz 90% of the crowd had never heard me DJ before.

Pase Rock Live At The Do Over August 17, 2008

more pics

Live @ Home....Part 11, Roger Yamaha

I recently went to Japan to DJ and it was a Blast. Along with the man named Yukio, Roger Yamaha made this trip really great. We ate, drank and Dj'd parties, Big Fun! Following a conversation about the dangers of blogging, I asked Yas (R. Yamaha) to do a mix for the Blog and he agreed.

"absolutely one take.
Excuse some mistakes.
I hope you enjoy it..."

Georges Montalba: Ritual Fire Dance
Carlos Peron: Et (BeTTY Botox Edit)
Dam Funk: Galactic Fun
Daedelus Feat. Paperboy & Erika Rose: My Beau
Lil' Suzy: Runaway
Tony Kurtis: Bed Squeak (DJ Technics Remix)
Phaybo DJ: Electro Base
Stomach Basher: Wowy Zowy
Super Flu: Sunset Handjob
Kano: Now Baby Now
Cheap Trick: Saturday At Midnight (Super New Dance Re-Mix)
Electronic: Dark Angel
Little Jinder: Polyhedron
Baby's Gang: Happy Song
Japan: Life In Tokyo(12" Extended Version)

Roger Yamaha live@home 11

Get Roger Yamaha's mix CD with man about town,Blu Jemz, here

Yas also runs Moonwalk Records

Come On!

The Birdwatcher...from the Files of Brian Devlin

My dad, in his daily travels through the city, has been taking pictures of birds. He loves birds and wildlife, and has caught some really awesome flicks from Druid Hill Park to Lake Roland (aka Robert E. Lee, we like to use the common name so as to pay no homage to backward thinking dead people). Im going to post some here in the next few weeks...

For the first installment of The Urban Birdwatcher I present to you this beauty from 27th st. 

Safety first Pigeons!..

Thanks DaD!!

Introducing, The Dadsampler

What up Fully Fitted! Chris asked me to do a write up on this little sampler I put together using max/msp. If you've seen dude lately, you may have seen him sending off airhorns via Wiimote over other DJ's. Too good! The secret to the madness is in the screenshot below:
Big time inspired by FlossyFX, the DadSampler let's you load your own sounds and makes available the plethora of ways you can pass control data into max (keyboard, midi, wiimote, workin on iPhone, etc). It's a bit crude, but gets the job done and runs behind Serato perfectly. I'm definitely into supporting/taking it further but I really just work on it whenever I find the time so it's been slow going. I started learning Max back in my college days (not that long ago) and this is kind of a fun way for me to keep up with it and have something practical for gigs. But now for the good news:

Now that Max 5 Runtime is out, you can run this little patch on your very own machine! Forgive the tech talk, I've put together a simple walk through to get you going at the link below. Nab it and let me know if it crashes.

PC folks hold tight. I've got to compile that one separately. Got some homies working on that along with other improvements. If you're a programming head and grab that source code let me know what you're up to with it, and holler at that cc license as well, tryin to keep it open source. Thanks for trying it out and holler with any questions!


Highline Ballroom This Friday!

Highline Ballroom Gif

This Friday, August 15th in NYC, Devlin & Darko are DJing at the Highline Ballroom with Nick Catchdubs. Its a late show, its all ages and its... Free with RSVP to

Highline Ballroom
431 W 16th St
New York, NY 10011
between 9th and 10th Ave
12am / ALL AGES!

Live@Home #10...SoulClap..Local Post

Local Vegetables:

Local Dj Mix from Elyte and CNYCE @ Soulclap :


Charlie on the mix:

"When Mr. Devlin asked us to do this mix we knew what we had to do to get our message across. So we hit the vinyl library and pulled some of our favorite classic house jams and also some forgotten/slept on garage classic. Sure we like playing eclectic styles as much as the next DJs, but our name ain't Giles Peterson, dig. Especially with that classic NYC garage house sound back in such a big way in '08 it seemed appropriate to pull some of our favorites and put 'em all down in one place. Shout out to Derrick Carter circa '96 for the vibes.

Download (right click) :
SoulClap Live@home 10

Theo Parrish - Took Me All The Way Back - Funded by MM
Lil Louis - Wargames - FFRR
Melvin Meeks - Drip Drop - Relief Records
Gener Farris - Show Your Feeling - 83 West Records
Johnick - The Captain - Henry Street Music
Raven Maize - Forever Together (Forever United Mix) - Quark Records
Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Mole Hole Dirty Mix) - Bumble Bee Records
The Buffalo Bunch - Buffalo Beats - Scratche
Black Sheep - Strobelite Honey (Def Version) - Mercury
DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From Your Bud - Classic
Jodeci - Freek'N You (M.K. Dub) - MCA
Coolio - Ooh La La (Tuff Jam's Club Mix) - Tommy Boy
24 Hour Experience - Together - Nice 'N' Ripe
Reality - Wanna Get Busy (Sneak's Busy Dub) - Strictly Rhythm
Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop (Masters At Work Dub) - Atlantic
J.M. Silk - Shadows Of Your Love (Acapella/Beats Mix) - DJ International
DJ Funk presents Houz' Mon - Deeper Side Of Me - Dance Mania
Armand Van Helden - Sell Deh Pussy - Stupid Fresh

House Heavy....Thanks Fellows!

Be sure to keep up with Charlie and Eli at their Blog and website. New releases and mixes every week it seems...


Tony Clifton

Apparently DOOM is still doing the ol' Tony Clifton routine, which is daringly hilarious in our opinion.

Last weekend, at the Los Angeles Rock The Bells concert, the metal faced villain was scheduled to go on post-Spank Rock and close out the second stage. After taking forever to show up and having the crowd wait for well over an hour... a fake Doom walked on stage! He may have gotten away with it too, had the Dj's setup not been hooked up incorrectly through the phono(s). The audio was completely muffled and blown out, which made it kind of hard for him to lip sync to the tracks. Still, it was a great show!

Here is a youtuber's video of the actual performance from the audience's perspective. The best part is @ 2:45 - "I'mma go see Nas you son of a bitch!". This constitutes as a NAGL moment.

ThUrsdaY NitE Edit...tomorrows post.

Looking forward to Thursday night! It will be a good one in Jamaica Plain with the BladeRunners. They have been great to Fully Fitted Family so come out and have a drink and shake a leg..

Steve "Razor" Picardi was kind enough to edit one of our edits for the We Make it Good mix i did a few months back, the edit is posted below. To hear more edits and solid chunes ... come to Shake Them Down  :


Shake It (Bladerunners short edit) - Fully Fitted

Big Thanks to soBer for the flyer.

EVR jokes and jokes

In probably the most epic EVR session I've ever attended, me Pase, Eli, and the Roc. played some records, listened to some records, heckled and were heckled by tourists and just generally had fun and made jokes at one another's expense. It can only be a matter of time before Eli takes this show over completely right?
I think Roc is on to something about maybe joining forces on the blog front instead of everybody having their own personal little thing that nobody really cares about. To just have one big one with everybody posting might be a little more lively or at least encourage some more dialog. thoughts?

^^click to enlarge^^

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