Looking for the original of this Emporer Machine tune.

The Emporer Machine - Profundito(Padded Cell edit)

Padded Cell  also worth checking out. It's that London post,post,next,next

New Vitamin Water Flavor?


I went to the supermarket the other day on a beverage quest and saw these guys looking a little... out of place. Two thoughts immediately rushed my brain as I gazed upon the top row of liquids. A) How did these get past the assembly line? and B) Did someone piss in these bottles and put them back on the shelf? If so, how did they piss the exact amount to fill them so perfectly neat? And, did they do this in the store or did they bring these from home? I just have so many questions... Like, who's going to end up buying these and will they know that it tastes a little different from the "power-c" they're used to? Needless to say, I went the 4 for $5 gatorade route instead, since I was just too skeptical and untrusting of the stores vitamin water supply at this point.

The 'C' key on my laptop broke off as well, so.. I'm thinking that if I looked at the Horoscopes this week, i'd say it's a bad week for Cs.

Vitamin C (Eli Edit)

Also, if your in NYC this Thursday, Devlin & Darko will be DJing the N.A.S.A. record release party w/ Eli Escobar at Le Poisson Rouge. Its Free when you RSVP to NYPARTY@SQUEAKECLEAN.COM


My Mp3s Weigh a Ton - Burlesque Design Podcast

Mike 2600 gave me a shout recently to see if I wanted to possibly do a mix for the Burlesque Design podcast series, so I was like F*ck yes. I had already worked on a mix a few nights before that I was really into, so I decided to throw it his way and after the approval came the post.

from Burlesque HQ
The artwork for this mix was designed by our good friend Adam Garcia. You might remember him from his collaborations with Wezz on the Fall 2007 Arcade Fire poster series. Please visit him online at and

Here is the link to my mix as well as the series...


Nitetrain on Mofo.

Last week's radio show with Nitetrain and crew from Musk (the current night he regulars) was a blast. Plenty of disco and deep house for days. Check the special disco/funk 45 excerpt mix below. Grab the whole show from the Mofo Radio blogue.

Nitetrain mix

A little background on Nitetrain for out of towners; If you've been in the Boston area long enough chances are you've had at least a youtube encounter with DJ Nitetrain. He initially garnered local fame by bringing an entire sound system on the train with him back in the day, but has since stepped it down to a pair of studio cans and a backpack full of minidiscs. Just being around Jerry will put you in a good mood, and talking to him proves he's serious about his music.

Bonus jams! Although not in this mix, loved this Eddie Grant joint Nitetrain rocked (doubles of no less, pictured above). And this B.D.S Unlimited song is sure to be a regular on Sundays nights (when we do it...again).

Eddie Grant - Timewarp

B.D.S. Unlimited - Do It Again

Radio show has a few weeks off but more of my shining on air persona and reggae two shots on the way.

Tonite in Cambrige.

Weekly Sunday Pahty... Check out live mixes from last week (monitor was broke)

Mixes from the vaults... pt2

It's kind of a new day at the FF blog as we are going to host all files and make it much easier to download without those crappy sharing sites. (check out that 'fancy' new banner)

I did this mix last March did for my good friend Ben Sisto's philanthropic throwdown, Love During Wartime. I need to start thinking about volume 2 so i dusted it off and gave it a listen...(volume 2 will be fitted with new hand drawn original covers...a la the image at top of the post)

It's a bunch old tunes. Some Far outs and some number ones.

Amore Durante Guerra (volume1)

------ †®aCk Lis† ------

Intro Robert Francis Kennedy...

1) Perisan Love - Holger Czukay 
2) Be Thankful for what you got - William Devaughn
3)Profundito (Padded Cell Edit..devlin re-sumthin) - The Emporer Machine
4)Alone Again Or - Love
5)For Your Love- The Vampires
6)Jumpin Jack Flash - Ananda Shankar
7)Windy -The association
8)100.00.000 years (devlin edit)  - The Grass Roots
9)Stone Free - Jimi hendrix
10)I had too much to dream last night - Electric Prunes 
11)Along Comes Mary (devlin's bells edit) - The association 
12)Message To Tommorrow - Spanky Wilson
13)( ill be a ) Happy Man - Latin Blues band
14)Chips Chiken Bananana Split - JoJo and the Fugetives
15) Suite Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills Nash ,and Young
16)' Magin that hun - Devlin
17 )It Looks Like Love (Devlin re-edit.mix) - Goody Goody
18 )It Looks Like Love - Goody Goody

Bobby Kennedy outro....

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Reggae Two Shot Reeeewiiiind (Nitetrain bonus!)

The original, Red Fox

Here's the two shot from last week. Was in a record ripping mood so I worked some old dancehall 12"s into the set. The first kind of a corny Beatles cover. Second is Red Fox with some early nineties material that samples Spill the Wine.

Joycelyn - Let It Be

Red Fox - Jessica

I think I'm gonna skip over the two shot in tonight's radio show due to very special guests DJ Nitetrain and friends being in the studio. Catch up more on the man in the latest mofo megapost. Should be some seriously deep disco chunes. Join me on the air 10PM TONIGHT
CLICK HERE FOR THE LIVE STREAM! Can't resist posting this classic Nitetrain footage. This is what it's all about.

woah. this reminds me a little of....

dj sega made this track^^^^^^^
which reminds me of this:

if anybody knows who this is by or has an actual good mp3 of it please post up in the comments!

p.s. you can get other stuf by dj sega here also, keep an eye out for his excellent bootlegs of um, show me love/be and the 900 number.

WhY... (am i so behind on tunes?)

I found out about this Carly Simon (SCHWING!) song when it came on after Curtis Mayfield's Trippin on Zebo's Grown Mix Volume 2 ... DOWNLOAD HERE...One of the best mixes of 08' (and the David Axlerod tune that follws in this mix...whoa)

This song  was a non-album song from late Psych group  Tomorrow . I got interested in them after hearing My White Bicycle on the Erol Alkan mix Beyond the Wizard Sleeve. Maybe best mix of 07'


Maquina - Why?

Maquina - Why (continued)

In My internet digging I came across this more HERE...It's a good full album Blog

iChat Convo Snippets, Pt. Three


Slum Village Millionaire


I found this jem in my crates the other day, so... figured I'd digitize it for all the blogdogs out there. Just hit the repeat button on this one and let it soak in.

Slum Village: Fall In Love (Clean) or Fall In Love (Album Version)

Slum Village: Fall In Love Remix + Instrumental

Gap Mangione: Diana In The Autumn Wind (Fall In Love Sample)



ps. "ZING!" -Brek.One

your love mashups

Animal Collective kicked off the new year with a great album and also leg brought this to my attention:

It's a mashup of their song "My girls" with Frankie Knuckles "your love" since they both kind of have the same synth melody. so that reminded me that I did this mashup/re-edit thing with the same song a couple of years ago except i put Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears over it. enjoy!

MIxes From the vaults... pt1

I got this mix from Karl Hungus (Shop Gentei Sound System, BBC r.i.p) about a year ago ... I had asked him for a Live at Home mix because his crates are quite deep and he slaughtered Darko and I at the legendary '45 night' at the Ottobar a few years back.(Ron, please post)

 He sent me a mix with this attached:

A lil "sompin sompin" i did the night before i went out to japan in January.
had a bunch of friends asking me to make a mix for them, some wanted straight club, some wanted biale, some wanted disco, electro etc etc. I didnt have time to make 1 each so i just went up the bpm scale and did it in 1 take. started about 105, and finished up around 130.
some joints in there i love, and some i just like. no track listings, cause if your a dj you should know already, and if your not then its not important. you cant really buy any of the songs on cd anyway. just listen and enjoy.
i tried and play as many of them from vinyl as i can, some are straight to mp3 though so you know the deal. serato!

DJ karl hungus
"im here to fix the cable'

Karl Hungus - Here to fix the Cable (live mix 1/18/08)

If you have questions about the track listing, leave them in the comments section and we will get Karl to return your call.

Check out Shop Gentei online HERE

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