Parklife Photos pt.1

I'm down in Australia with Diplo, Boy 8-bit, Fake Blood , Soulwax, and many many others on this parklife tour. here's a couple photos from the first few days. shout out to boy 8bit for inspiring me to start taking b&w art shots again.
Perth (probably the biggest stage I've ever deejayed by myself...woah.)
some drumsFake Bloodmedicine

P.S. i hate that i can't get fucking adult swim down here. will somebody tape Ghost in the Shell and Code Geass for me? more pictures and video coming soon. I'll try and take some at the zoo tomorrow

Mac Nerd Alert!

Recently, I decided to upgrade my work horse computer... a PowerMac G4 MDD Tower. So, I ordered two 512MB PC2100 DDR 266Mhz Memory Modules, a 4 Port PCI FireWire Card, a 5 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card and an Apple AirPort 802.11b Wireless Network Card. Since my Mac is now 6 years old, all of these pieces were cheaper then dirt.

When I originally purchased the computer in the winter of 2002, it cost around $2000. Now, you can find it on ebay for $300.  I've thought about buying another one for the spare parts and building it into a super iPod! Ironically, my 17" Monitor died once I started messing around with it after all of these years. Now I have a super computer, but I can't see a facking thing!

AirPort Network Card
AirPort Card

FireWire & USB 2.0 Cards
USB and FireWire Cards

2G of Memory
Memory to the Max

The Guts!
The Guts

Backside (All)
Now, She's a Bonafide Thickie!

bag lint shirts and seattle pictures

made some bag lint shirts the other day by taking a bunch of pase's crap, that came out of his old dj bag, throwing it on the scanner, and printing it out onto an iron-on thingy, and then ironing voila! a shirt that looks like it has a bunch of crap on it! yay!
here's a detail of one of the other shirt designs. I have no idea what "po chai" pills are. sorry if this is embarassing to anyone.
If you're intrested in getting a unique bag lint t-shirt, good for two maybe three washes (but how many time are you really going to be able to wear that white t anyway?!) send your bag lint, 1 good quality, pre-shrunk, white t-shirt, plus $200 USD and a self-addressed , stamped envelope to:

Fully Fitted Fucking Famous
476 Clinton avenue #5F
Brooklyn, New York

Bonus Post! Seattle Photos

here's some photos I took when Clayton took me to the Seattle Public Library. This library was designed by Rem Koolhaas and it has all kinds of cool shit inside including this crazy ass red tunnel thingy.

FAR OUT MAN (Hippy Disco and seredipity)

I was in NY recently, mostly hanging out celebrating the 9th anniversary of my 21st birthday, but also messing around on some stuff in the studio with Alex...Which is where i ecountered this great thing :



That sounds kind of like THIS

When I checked my email the next morning I had an email from ChetTheBody...He said to check this dude out:

"Ralph Lundsten is one of the pioneers of international electronic music with his own studio Andromeda. Recordings are done with his own home-built electronic instruments, some built in cooperation with the Finnish physicist Erkki Kurenniemi. Ralph Lundsten began making music by cutting tapes to his tape recorder and in that way he got sounds that no traditional instruments could give. In 1959, he built his studio Andromeda inside his wooden castle Frankenburg (originally built in 1878) in Boo, and he has kept it state of the art since.
People thought him to be a bit insane to make music in that way but he had some commercial success with the EP he released in 1964, which got airplay on French radio. Among his studio's more interesting instruments are the world's oldest sequencer and polyfony synth (Andromatic), another synth (Dimi-O) playable in the empty air in front of a camera and the playing visible through a display (Ralph says that Led Zeppelin was ready to steal it from him when they visited the studio) and a synth (The Love Machine) that is playable through the touch of other people's skins (and sensitive to mood and feelings)."

And I got this shirt in the mail :



The Democratic National Convention...part Devlin

Recently we ( Ronnie Darko, Pretty Titty and I) had the privilege of Dj-ing at some parties in Denver during the DNC. One was for "rising stars" of the democratic party and the other was not party affiliated. This 2nd party was apparently for haters of hippy disco and cool new songs, but i digress. Here are some photos and a mix Balagan sent me a while back.

Pretty sure Balagan did this one on his way back from Berlin (he was there during Barack Obama's visit to Germany ). So apparently Barack Obama and Balagan have passports, does SP? Just askin...


Comin In


Upon arrival, WHAT THE FUCK.


Other than Senator Obama waving directly at Clayton, Ron, and I this was as close as we got to Barack.


This guy actually had a "no homo" sticker on his megaphone...As we were watching the crowd of people argue with him grow, Ron heard him say, "Look at all the demons gathering for the Hell party"...too good!


Last day in town.


DOWNLOAD - Germans Wear Obama Pajamas


Tracklist : (check lyrics in your iphone or ipod...trying to do this from here on out with posted mixes)

Muddy Waters - Tom Cat
Annex Productions -
Jorge Ben - Hermes Trimegisto Escreveu
Yusef Lateef - Mushmouth
El Guincho - Palmitos Park
MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
Stink - Girls Anthem
Leon Haywood - I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
Grammatik - Friko
O.C. - Time's Up
Los Pico Pico - Pico Pico
The Sylvers - Misdemeanor
Tones On Tail - Go!
Kaveret - The Grocery Store
Murderbot - Onlyworld




edit: I'm a little late but it's all good, I'm a day behind. or forward...shit I DONT KNOW!

Smalltown Djs do it disco

Our good friends finally got back to biz and made the newest installment to the ongoing Discobelle dj mix series. Now I am not usually one to repost from another blog, but Pete and Mikey are the homies, Mandeep is another story and I am sure he is somewhere talking and talking and talking right now.

Evvy chunes this way!!!

evvy chunes and the elevator shaft queen

Uh Oh! Klayston P is almost Fully Fitted now. Alls I need now is to miss a flight every once and awhile and I am set.

I managed to get all touristy on my little trip this past week and here are the photos to prove it. Also, if anyone is a student, I highly recommend using your student discounts anywhere and everywhere.

XXXchange did his first ever video set and it was off the chankla. Now I have something else to waste my time on trying to make cool looking videos and what have you, thanks dude...great.

Shout out to Hiro Ballroom, Jang House, Ottobar, and Milky Way for having me come in with the evvy evvy chunes.

- prince klassen

mega post: "Shake 'em Down" & "Bag Lint"

pt1. boston

Played at Chris' party last night, "Shake 'em Down" (aka blog haus vs. hippie disco) with Klaysten P and Knife. Mr Devlin opened with the finest example of a true "hippie disco" set as I've ever heard. Knife killed the warm-up set with an hour set of nothing less than mega-smashes (daft punks band, MJ, fuckin Calabria etc... the only thing he didn't play was that apple bottoms jeans song). I did my first video set which worked out very well (technically the old macbook did ok) despite only having quality videos for about 25 songs. Overall the SL video thing was, I think, better suited for a festival audience not so much the small nightclub/bowling alley/pizza joint steez as it was a distracting the good folks of JP from dancing some. ALSO my video/music selection was mostly limited to blog house and big room hipsterhouse which may or may not have been appropriate 4 the audience. .....A few years ago when we played in boston this girl came up and asked if I was going to play "techno all night?!" I think I was playing "shack up" but, you know, I think things have come a long way here since then, but this time I was definitely playing "techno," and that girl or one of her cousins was there for sure. Klaysten p finished out the night with an excellent set of pretty much everything great that wasn't played already plus calabria again lol. Also the heathen was in the place to be so it was nice to finally meeet dude. so yeah off to Seattle tomorrow and then back to NY to just in time to get my suit game focused for fashion week.

pt.2 "bag lint"
Pase recently gave me his headliner bag (great bag can't say enough good things about it. stylish, durable, perfect for 2laptops, 4 records, 1 serato box and 1 needle case & other assorted junk). THIS ^^^^^ is the pile of crap that came out of it when we went to switch. deodorant, 2 ipods, 3 non functional cellphones, 1 functional PSP, a myriad of backstage passes, train/plane tickets, drink tickets, receipts and a giant pile of change in all denominations and nationalities (airport security. holler!) 1 pair "steve aoki" WESC headphones. posters. lint. All this stuff is still sitting on that table in my houst BTW, so apparently none of it's very important, funny the amount of crap you accumulate when travelling almost constantly.


so back in January The good folks over at Heaps Decent invited me and Chris Devlin to team up with the King Sisters Heather and Janey down in Sydney to show them how to make a song and just hang out and stuff. We just chilled and ate and hung out in the Heaps studio while I helped them write some raps and showed them how to deliver them. This is what we all came up with. Nina and I helped the girls write the lyrics and do the vocals while Chris whipped up some beats on the Heaps equipment and Nina and Levins broke down some basic protools instruction. anyway this is the most satisfying thing I've done all year and I urge all of you to buy this joint and support the Heaps Decent project because its just some super cool shit. I was back in Australia last week and I got to hang with Heather and Janey again. They are super cool girls and you should buy this release so they can go itunes platinum and get a record deal and keep recording more material.

here's the press release:

We’ve been working with volunteers in Australia to provide an outlet / resource / music education center for underpriveledged and indiginous youth in Australia. Between offering a space for kids to come and learn dj’ing and production technics, Heaps Decent has been linking them up with established artists for workshops, recording and the possibility of an international release- such as this track.

“Koori Girls” features the 16 and 17 year old King Sisters (Heather and Janey), produced by Spank Rock’s Chris Devlin (aka Chris Rockswell) and featuring vocals from Pase Rock. The King Sisters are two of the girls who came in to Heaps Decent studio for workshops, and “Koori” is another term for indigenous or aboriginal, with more of a spiritual identification. 100% of the proceeds from these releases go directly back into the Heaps Decent initiative - look out for upcoming collaborations from M.I.A., Radioclit, Diplo and more.

In addition to this and the previous Heaps Decent release, “Smash A Kangaroo” (produced by Diplo), Australia’s Parklife Festival is also donating a portion of ticket sales to Heaps Decent.

here's an article on Pitchfork:

Heaps Decent

and a direct link to the blog post about Party Like Mad and the project here

and here's a link to the Mad decent blog which has a direct link to the song on itunes.

and right here is the itunes link directly.

go support cool people doing cool shit for the seeds! FOR THE SEEDS! I don't think you heard me... FULLY FITTED IS FOR THE CHILDREN!

Boston Tomorrow.

The unveiling of some new flavors Alexxx Change has been working on (it's some video buisness!) ...and Shake Them Down Favorite : Prince Klassen aka Klayston P...COME ON!

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