Wierd People we Like.

Hoff and Jemz sent these things over this week:
Nothing really happens in this video, but you will watch it to the end.

Check The Hardy Boys Here

DJ Hoff Bootleg of Amanda Blank tune:
Might Like You Better (HOFF BLEND) - Amanda Blank

Reggae Two Shot Flavorheard Edition

Had the Whiskey Barons (aka 2/3 of Flavorheard) on Mofo Radio last Wednesday (audio coming soon) and Ben aka Amphibious dropped some reggae jules at the 11 o'clock hour, two of which he has graciously shared with us here:

Burning Spear - FoggyRoad.mp3 "One of his very early joints when he was
with studio one."

Justin Hinds - Carry Go Bring Come "He did a bunch of versions of this song ranging from like 70 to 130 bpm's, this ones kind of in the middle and real nice and I love it."

To get extra irie with Amphibious check out the latest edition of Flavorheard Radio curated by the man himself. So says the man:

"...It's an all vinyl exploration of some of my favorite rocksteady & reggae tunes from the 60's & 70's (with one 80's exception)...lots of original presses but not all of em."

Bring it on dude!


Peep all those links for the serious lowdown on these guy Flavorheard are the business around here! Still owe some back logged two shots so I'll find a way to catch up and then keep these consistent although probably not weekly. For now enjoy!

New Single, Guess WHO???

We been around the world and ay,yai,ya playing this tune behind AB. It's the jam. I gotta say sounds like it's missing something without Rotten Ronnie Darko's scratch solo in the last breakdown.

Put the needle on the record when the drum beat go like...

Dj Eleven Live @ Home pt 21

Wooo hoooooooooo! We finally got one of The Rub dudes on the roster of our Live @ Home series. Our good friend, Dj Eleven, surprised me with an email two weeks ago that I had kind of forgot about. Needless to say, he stuck to his word and sent over a far out mix.

Eleven, take it away....

"Yung Klassen asked me about doing a Live At Home mixes a gazillion months ago and I put the idea off 'cause, well... 1) I didn't know what to do. 2) I had so much else going on that I didn't know when I could get to it. 3) I hate having my turntables sitting on my kitchen counter. As I slowly chipped away at the other things on my to-do list, this one started looming larger & larger the more I tried to avoid sitting down to think about it. Then as I was about halfway through playing a different version of this set in the first hour of a party last week, it finally clicked: "How about a bunch of dance shit that I never get a chance to play. Yeah! That's it!" So, here I give you "A Bunch of Dance Shit I Never Get A Chance to Play", recorded live in Do Or Die Bed-Stuy on Monday, June 22nd, 2009."


Dj Eleven - Live at Home pt 21


Lauren Flax feat Sia - You've Changed
Leela James - My Joy (Quentin Harris remix)
Trevor Loveys - Wayback
Donae'o - Party Hard
Princess Nyah - Frontline
Attacca Pesante feat Shea Soul - Make It Funky
Bounce Camp - Big Dancin
Emynd - What About Tomorrow
Drop Out Orchestra - Gibbon
DCUP - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
The Kickdrums - Love Is A Drug
Tiga - Shoes
La Roux - Quicksand (Mad Decent Remix)
Diplo - Blow Your Head (DJ Eli Remix)
DJ Eleven - Dance Our Way (Rough version)
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face (MAW Remix)
Funkstar De Luxe - White Horse (Vs. Laid Back)
The Blend Kings - Cantina Band Edit
Double A - War Remix
Bobby Blanco - 3am

It's My Birfday Today!

Chris & I can't stop watching this kid's youtubes! Hours of enjoyment... watch this one and then watch the rest of his videos. Yea, I know we're late on it, but its still hilarious on so many levels. "I know my fingers aren't stars, you stupid balstids" - Pruane2Forever aka The Sexman


Fully Fitted Renegade Soundsystem

So when the gang came through Texas on the Santi tour de greater America, they realized that the tour van had power.... renegade power.

I rented a soundsystem and brought a box of 45s, and this is what happened.

Devlin went ahead and recorded the whole thing for your listening pleasure. Thanks to Daily Juice for allowing us to wreck shop and have many free juices.

The video is formatted for iphone users to be able to download and watch repeatedly on device.


Daily Juice Operation

Fully Fitted Soundsystem
::Daily Juice Operation::
Kool & the Gang - Place in Space
Roy Ayers - Don't Stop The Feeling
Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music
Tony Camillo's Bazuka - Dynomite
David Bowie - Golden Years
AWB - Pick Up the Pieces
Breakestra - You Don't Need a Dance
B.T. Express - Do it til Youre Satisfied
People's Choice - Do It Anyway you Wanna Do It
The Beginning of The End - Funky Nassau pt 1
Malcolm Mclaren - World Famous
Harvey Mason - Space Cadets
James Brown - Hot Pants
Vernon Burch - Dr Do It Good
Frank Hooker & The Positive People - Ooh Suga Wooga
Rice and Beans Orchestra - Coconut Grove

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