I don't normally do this / Good Morning

Sin embargo, they are giving this away for free on the Big Pink

Velvet (Gang Gang Dance RMX) - The Big Pink
wow @ 3:00...

ichat convo snippets pt.4


New Milky Way Lounge is up and running...Pizza on Blast...New great Dj Booth...OUtdoor Dance Area. Summer looking up in Jamaica Plain.

You will hear this song on Thursday.

D&D Reno Rave Photos

Keytars, feather n Leather party, ketamine, vodka, burlesque show, food vouchers, burning man hippies!
1:09 AM Apr 26th from txt

And pink feathered boas and 30 and over club cards and LSD and MDMA and we're in Reno. Whoa.
1:15 AM Apr 26th from TwitterFon

Coffee Patron shots and vampire blood party! Reno, u crazy for this one.
1:40 AM Apr 26th from txt

Darko meeting and greeting with TNT and her Dom. The Dom made TNT 'thank the man,kiss the man'. Reno on BLASt
2:02 AM Apr 26th from TwitterFon













Reggae Two Shot from Alex's 45" box

Played a few 45"s from Alex's fat stack in last week's program. Also found in the Live from the Royal Castle LaTec dub mix posted last week these were a few that stuck with me. Beenie Man and Ghost over the Joan Osborne inspired hook, and Lady P Get the Visa (a Sly and Robby production). Grab the rips below. Scratchy but soundsoaped as much as poss without making em sound like tin.

Beenie Man/Ghost - One Of Us

Lady P - Get the Visa

Live From the Royal Castle.

While in NY last week working on tunes and things, Ghostdad bought this :

Its an LaTec 100a record mixing console. Two belt driven turntables, rotary mixing knobs, a Tape IN and a Tape OUT. We started messing around with it, smaashing records into one another then decided to record a mix of these old Dancehall 45s AlexxxChange hAd sitting around.

There is no pitch control so you have to just drop tracks and rub your finger on the platter to make things mix. We used the MoogerFooger through the mic input and got some nice delay effects.It's not the newest rig so there is alot of bleed and wierd sound artifacts, but hopefully that adds to the charm.


√ersions&†hings from XXXchange's cabinen†

The secret weapon on this one was the latest patch from GhostLabs: The DadSiren:

Its a really nice little program that mimics the siren emulators built into old JA soundsystems. Read more about that and download it here: DADSIREN

Ghostnotes: Special thanks to George from Javlin who sold me the unit and Bennett4$enate for putting me in touch. Very psyched on this machine. Mods on the way...

Darko in Boston - Sat 18th

4-18 Boston Flyer

While Chris heads out to Coachella this weekend, I'll be heading out to his neck of the woods in Boston. See the flyer above for all the info about me DJing, but I'm really coming to town to scoop up all that left over Easter candy at the dollar stores... Peep Game!

Amanda Blank's New Single!


Amanda Blank - "Might Like You Better"
Produced by XXXchange w/ additional production by Switch
Streaming audio below & Free download over @ RCRD LBL (click here)


Been working hard at school and all that good stuff. Here are some edits I made in the meantime (what up Helmet), that you might find useful. Still on a parade of non face melting.


The Invisible - London Girl (prince klassen edit)


Pylon - Cool (prince klassen edit)


Couche-Tard Trailer from Ghostdad on Vimeo.

also on youtube.

Major re-release from Devlin, Darko, XXXchange, finally hit shelves this week at Turntable Lab, this time with video! This DVD contains five sections totaling more then an hour of crazy footage chopped up by the amazin Canadian &/or to accompany this classic mix. Cover art from government name Mike Davis aka Mike 2600 takes this callabo over the top of awesome dudeliness, but don't be scared to put it on at your party the ladies will love it too! Peep the trailer above and cop the DVD to get the whole truth.

Buy it at Turntable Lab

Go to &/or's awesome website

See more of Mike's work at Burlesque

You are at the Fully Fitted blog

authors note: I remember this mix blowing my mind the first time around. Hearing about the DVD wet my appetite for something good, and &/or totally delivers. This mix is mesmerizing you wont be able to stop watching. I was honored to be able to help out a bit in the final stages and cut the trailer and highly recommend grabbing the whole dvd!

Whats Happening (hometown edition)

The Pork BBQ last night was tasty.
Rabbit played good rock tunes at the Ottobar.

The Orioles have their first game today (against F&%$#ing Yankees).
PoPo plays tonite with Child Abuse, Soft Cement and Talk to Animals at the Talking Head.

POPO Philly:

POPO Baltimore:

Contraband - Baltimore

Phone Photos '09: Darko

I've been flying around the states a lot lately, but not busting out the camera as much as I used to. Just living in the moment instead of behind the lens, but occasionally... I grab a quick pic with my phone.

Went down to SXSW and had tacos in Texas with the Fully Fitted fam

Bought last minute tickets to WMC and chillaxed with friends

Stayed down by the Beach at a friend's condo... the balcony view!

Had the 2nd Annual OMD Sushi Eating Contest, this years winner: Contra w/ 15 plates

Runner up: Matt Sherman w/ 14 plates

Hung out with Fred Hardley, errr... I mean Kurt from Floss

Spent my last night in Miami at The Standard... One More Day status

Checked in and got a comp bottle to welcome me back

Skipped right on over to Dallas for a gig at the PLUSH nite club

7-11 across the street had "NASCAR TURBO LIP BALM: NITRO LEMON"... For when you need to shift your lips into full gear!

Capone-N-Noreaga's "Rotate" has been my new theme song lately!

Reggae Two Shot Mike B at bat

Back to what this blog is really about lately, hot reggae jams. If you slept on (thee) Mike B Live At Home mixtape last week you're missing out. Close to an hour of hot dancehall jams (the longest LAH mix to date?). Here are two choice cuts outa the mix selected from Mike B personally. As heard last week on Mofo Radio, made avail here for you downloading pleasure:

Captain Sinbad - Radication Dey Bout

MR. VEGAS (pictured above) - Mus Come A Road

Edit: no radio tonight I'm coughing up death.

And oh yah FRRRRIDAY.

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