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This is technically a Live @ Home, but since I have already done one, this is just for you to get your weekend started.... every weekend.

Made a House mix the other night from home and it came out, uuuuh..... pretty gewd.

I wanna say you can prolly finger bang and rage to this mix within the 70 or so minutes.


Prince Klassen 9.9.9 House Mix

D&D&M&K and...

Basically, my lack of updates to the blog have been due to touring with Amanda "Trampy Grandma" Blank for the past four and a half months. So far, we've been on the road with Santigold, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Matt & Kim (presently) and Peaches in November. Here are my most recent phone photos from the current Matt & Kim tour.


Matt and Kim @ Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN)

The Tour Whip! Yea... Its the same shitty ass van, tour in & tour out.

Did a show in Visalia, CA at a pizza parlor...

Check out the salad bar sound booth!

While in Boise, ID @ the Neurolux, we met this guy...

He ended up having an ape shit amount of scorpions under his hat!


The Idaho set list (with Matt & Kim creeper hand)

When did they stop allowing guns in Denny's?


Whats gayer then a rainbow? Two rainbows... at the same time!

Scenic drives are nice, but really... Fuck Nature!


I still have a gang of Lomo photographs waiting to be scanned from the Santi tour, so when those finally get finished.... I'll post a little something special for all you creeps.

Hot Boy Ronald

Tonght in JP!

Sorry Ron. I'll sink this in a few hours!


Whilst on the road with Amanda Blank, Darko and I have been doing a short 15 min. DJ set at the start of the show. We usually play uptempo stuff and songs/work from the annals of the FullyFitted unreleased catalogue...(Last night, in Minneapolis, we played a song off Sign O' The Times and a song off Contraversey and some Matt&KIm fans actually got it!)

I cant give any of the FF shit away sooooo here are 2 of the intro songs we have been working with. (all loops and delay aside)


Medely, Rocken Mit Engard, Something Else, Weekend, Twenty Flight Rock - GuruGuru


DejenmeDormir - Limonada

Mas para venir

More love for Kon in NY

New York Kon benefit going down tonight. This from Cosmo Baker:

It was great to see so many of our friends come out and party with us at The Rub this past Saturday. It's one of those things where I look out and I see in the front row, a bunch of my friends from Finland dancing to Fela Kuti "Water Get No Enemy" while Talib Kweli is hosting on the mic behind me... only in Brooklyn, right?

Anyway, our good friend Kon (from Kon & Amir) has been sick and in the hospital for the past several weeks. Kon is an amazing guy with an incredible connection to music, being a world renowned crate digger as well as one of the best DJs in the country. But as you could probably guess, most DJs are independent contractors who do not have access to affordable health insurance. If you're lucky, you end up paying an arm and a leg for proper coverage, but for the most part you just don't have it. I learned the hard way 10 years ago when I was in a car accident and had to spend several months in the hospital. I didn't have coverage at the time, and my bills were several hundred thousands dollars. I was out of work, could not spin for a long time, so I had no benefits or coverage to take care of me. Thankfully through my dear friends and the community of Philadelphia, a benefit was thrown that raised enough money for me to get back on my feet. Hopefully we can do the same for our friend Kon here...

- Thursday, September 10th, 2009
Giant Step & DJ Spinna Present
Journey: A Benefit for Kon
Acclaimed DJ, legendary digger and our good friend Kon (of Kon & Amir fame) has been hospitalized lately which has left his pockets flat, not fat. We want to try and help him out while he's down out of the game, so please come out and support him a this benefit. Spinning on the set are


$10 suggested donation / 2 for 1 drinks from 10 PM - 12 AM
@ Santos Party House - 100 Lafayette St. - New York, NY

just like tour... POAOW!


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