music production nerdery pt.2

my remix of the kills "cheap and cheerfull" just came out on beatport along side remixes by Sebastian and Fake Blood. (there's a chart up there somewhere too but I couldn't figure out how to link to it) This was a weird one for me, I was so burned out on the song when they asked me for a remix i just ended up taking the 2 track demo and cutting it up bootleg-style, then throwing some acid shit underneath. it turned out good, but it's probably the weakest mix on the 12. also the other two mixes are amazing basically. I've been obsessed with sebastian ever since I heard his mix. I read somewhere on the internets that he uses a bunch of compressors and expanders in sequence to get that big meaty sound with the loud furry looking waveforms. got some pretty furry results the other day and it looked like this:

that's a fuck-ton of plugs to have on one channel strip so yeah. if anyone knows the actual way he gets that sound email me or just post up in the comments section as I am curious. also I suspect that he is using lots of little tiny samples in addition to whatever compressing and expanding is happening

Here is a really cool video of Benny Benassi in the studio doing a bootleg remix. they take this old Vangellis track from Blade Runner, and turn it into a total face melter in about 20 minutes . turns out his brother Allie does all the programming, mixing etc....!!! who knew?!? I am now convinced that Allie is also the dude behind Mobbing. I love the way they build the tracks, it's so efficient. they start off doing three rough sections "dance" (main) "dream" (breakdown) and "walk the dog" (bridge) work on each box exclusively and then worry about the transitions and details later. this way you make sure you have all your important parts done before you start getting bogged down in the details.

Mofo Radio: Reggae 2 Shot (Brek.One edition)

With Chris on that midnight train to Baltimore, Brek.One steps in to deliver that fire (pon Babylon). We'll get Chris's in next week riiight?? For now nab these tracks as heard Wednesday at 11 on Mofo Radio.

Jah Cure - Love The Solution

Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer


Guess who voted today? PASE and PAPA PASE! Ohio for OBAMA.

Ghostech update, iPhone edition.

Had a breakthrough weekend working on some max patches to use while DJing. Don't have anything fully tested yet, but here's a little tid bit that's saving me a lot of time:

There's finally a quick and easy way to send midi signals from your iPhone for all your Dadsampler or cue point needs. It's a little set of apps called itouchmidi and it gets sexier then the screenshot above. Download the app to your laptop and your phone and you're set to go. Works over your network connection and I've found it best to create your own device network on your laptop and then join it on your phone (has lag over a wireless router). The drum pad, keyboard, and xy pad interfaces are for sale in the app store but there's a trial version available for free to make you got it all working. Works with just about anything! Amazing! Go forth and controls things from your iPhone!


We have finally managed to reschedule the dudes from the Baltimore/ DC area. We have them on Halloween night and you know something is going to pop off, no question about it.

If you send an RSVP email to BEAUTYBARAUSTINRSVP@GMAIL.COM with HALLOWEEN in the subject line and your name in the body, you will get discounted admission and some other goodies.



hollurrrrr at me.......

Mofo Radio: Reggae 2 Shot

Our dude, Ghostdad, continued the new tradition of the Reggae 2 Shot at 11. Here are the chunes I hand chose for the segment for your listening and downloading pleasure.

Brigadier Jerry - Jamaica Jamaica

General Echo - Rapping Dub Style

This Week's Parties

When it comes to the months of September and October, everyone we know has a birthday at the same time. Most recently, XXXchange and Babyleg had birthdays... and now its time for the Darkness! This Thursday, during CMJ, the Fully Fitted camp will be celebrating its combined birthdays at The Annex. So, come out and celebrate with us... whether it be in NYC on Wednesday, LA on Thursday or Miami on Saturday.

Fully Fitted CMJ NYC - Oct 22nd

Pop Life in Miami Oct 25th

My GWAR Concert

Balsac, Oderus & Beefcake - Close
GWAR Crowd Shot

For some stupid reason, I thought I was going to be able to stand near the front of the stage and just watch. What I didn't know was... people still mosh and they like doing it a lot! Along with crowd surfing, yea... thats still popular too. I ended up going to the show with an old friend from elementary school, but I lost him once we got inside... he bolted to the front to be blasted by the "biledriver"!

royale! tonight! letz get mad drunk (bump)

xxxchange and mr. delvin rsvp for the freeness

Mofo Radio: Reggae 2 Shot

fire copy

A couple of weeks ago, Devlin & Darko visited Ghostdad's Mofo Radio show at Boston College. During the impromptu broadcast, Chris started an 11 o'clock reggae 2 shot segment, which I felt was waaaay too good to not continue! So, in conjunction with Ghostdad, we're making the 11 o'clock slot a weekly installment on his radio program. As well as, posting them up on our blog, since good reggae chunes don't get enough love nowadays. So, without further ado, here is this weeks Reggae 2 Shot...

Shinehead: The Truth

Cocoa Tee: Good Life

You can now pick up fine, reggae classics like these, every week on the blog. Or, better yet... tune in live, every Wednesday night from 10pm-1am over the internet. It's pretty simple, just click on the link and it streams right from your iTunes.

Side Note: Klassen and I were listening to this weeks broadcast and were kind of sold as listeners to the program. I told this to Ghostdaddy and that he did a great job. He replied... "Seriously though, if i can do good by yall i'm at least doing something right. Not even my girlfriend listens... and I got her jay z tickets!"

Side Side Note: Klassen's 11 o'clock reggae 2 shot joke of the week...

Q: What do jamaicans eat for breakfast?
A: Ragga Muffins

Topsfield Fair (sans family fun shots)

....Im sure we will post another AMAZING flyer for the event on FRIDAY @ Le Royale which is aleXXX's (and BaBy Leg's) big birfday, when he will be as old as me and almost as old as PASE....

For now, check out these Topsfield fair moments:

STumping For The Canidates


Dude.. these moves, that bunny, those skates, COME ON! (i took this video at the 4H tent...)

LE ROYALE MY ASS... heres what I say to France, and their neighbor ...



Australian Radio Mix, Pt. Darko


Independently, Chris & I have recently made 'mini-mixes' for the radio stations in Australia. These are primarily for the purpose of promoting our upcoming festival gigs and will most likely get run with some sort of phone interview, which I think is being left in the hands of Dr. Devlin. Since I currently have a hatred for all of my music right now, I loathed the idea of having to make one of these, but It turned out alright. So, I'm sending it in to the powers that be and posting it on the blog, because I heard some of you lizards like that sorta shit.

Swirlpool (Australian Radio Mix, Pt. Darko)

Herbie Mann - "Super Mann"
The Plant Life - "When She Smiles, She Lights Up The Sky (4Hero Instrumental)"
Fat Jon - "Everywhere (Swell Session VIP Mix)"
Spank Rock - "Sweet Talk (XXX~Change Re-Edit feat. Anthony Barba)"
Spank Rock - "Sweet Talk (Smalltown Romeo Mix)"
Will.I.Am - "Impatient (U-Tern B-More Mix) "
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)"
Tigerskin - "Let The Sunshine In (Corey Worthington Party Mix)"
Pase Rock - "Get Money Kids"
The Jai-Alai Savant - "White On White Crime (Shirkan Remix)"

Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (prince klassen young professional edit)

I have been feeling icky for the last few days and had to pull a stay at home day, so I decided to work on this edit. After going to the doctor for my illness and paying him 86 dollars for about 6 minutes of his time, I rushed home and cranked this out. For all the non believers out there, this is on some blacklist shit.

Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (prince klassen young professional edit)

Evvy Foods pt.1 LEGEND BURGER

The day before I left Australia Levins was nice enough to invite me over for burgers. And what a burger it was! onions, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, baby arugula, pickles and uh, bread. Truly the stuff of legend.

At Dinner, while discussing the origins of the mysterious emcee Zao Zao Ze, conversation turned to this wonderful compilation on Spasticated records: "The Ministry of Shit." (2003 Anus) Check out the website it's easily one of my favorite album covers of all time. here's a sample:
AC3P - "OI!"

p.p.s Brian made me a facebook so hit me up if you're into that kind of thing

heavy tune...

forgot about this song for a little while...


Prepare for more photos and videos then you can shake a stick at...

This story starts with a radio program. Darkness glided into town just in time to grace the mic alongside Devlo. Alota hype for Thursday, a whole lot of 'eavy chunes, and guest calls from around the continent from the FF extended fam made it a truly epic evening. Listen to the amazing 2 and a half hours (or skim on through it) at the Mofo Radio blog!

The next night if you caught Dafft Punk at the Milky Way consider yourself lucky. Dudes showed up in full effect!

Alright, so maybe it was just Chris's friends up from Balmore(delphia?) complete with some amazing moded Star Wars helmets. But in the blurry club somewhat convincing no? Pyramid and errything?

That's right PYRAMID! We spent the better part of the afternoon arranging a ridiculous pyramid out of cardboard, shower curtains, and milk crates held together by zip ties and gaph tape. Christmas lights added that special something.

Photos don't even do the whole thing justice. Get the full effect of the flashing lights with the moving pictures below! It's already got the youtubes going nuts.

and here's the quick quick edit I put together complete with Spank Rock surprise performance!

Untitled from Ghostdad on Vimeo.

The next day I woke up at two and went and ate some papusas, the aftermath apparent on the surrounding JP area.

Thanks to everyone for coming out! A great way to celebrate one full year of these Thursday parties.


Parklife Photos Pt.2

brisbane is crazy...seems like the city is half finished. here's the view from my hotel: another hotel just like it, under construction, plus some building that looks like a prison

Sean a.k.a. Har Mar superstarr has been making cameo appearances with Neon Neon every day. I'm surprised they don't fire him because he totally steals the show! see details below and above

Some dudeboy 8bit preparing to do coitis with an inflatable alligator?

boy 8bit and fake blood
hiplo ....uh i mean dipol.

2many djsthe crowd in sydneyMing who co-owns and runs Fuzzy/ParklifeJimmy who runs the best/last record shop in Sydney Djing at the end of tour afterparty


I am finally back on North American shores after 6 weeks in Asia (Shout out to Australia which technically is not Asia). 2 weeks Down Under, 3 days in Korea 4 days In Thailand and 3 weeks in Japan. Making em say unnnnnnnhhh!! nana Nanaaaaaaaa!. they call me the original Master P. Had fun had a blast. here's the latter half of the trip in pics... Stay tuned for mo' fun, mo' betta, mo' jams and mo' name dropping. oh... and mo' male models. we'll start off with a bonus pic from my video shoot of a new song called "Nights". It's a Billy Ocean cover I did produced by my man XXXchange. shot by me and Yone:

Okayama has the best Udon!

Mademoiselle Yulia at my DJ gig at Le Baron.

Gus from Bang Gang came thru.

as did Tigarah.

and the ol' homie Verbal and Yone chan. shout out to L-Universe (real headz know the deaaalll!!)

w/ Yone and DJ Kango

VJ Take!


Fat Jon in Okayama

Parra came thru our Tokyo gig!

stragglers! it's 6 am go hooome!

Jerk Chicken...

... inna Dancehall stylee!!

Getting ready to hit the stage in Tokyo... matching Hip Hop uniforms! we keeps it rill dawg nuts.


Kyoto... night

soundcheck Tokyo

cannon baaallliiiiinnnnnn! at my villa in Cha Am, Thailand

Kyoto cemetary...

Shibuya skyline from the penthouse..

bunnyhopping in front of Parco in Shibuya

I'm out.

So fucking Disco.Hop.Electro (cringe)

P. Rock

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