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Welcome To The Machine intro ft.DB
Moonage Daydream - David Bowie
Pom Pom - The Impossible
Destroy All Music - The Wierdos
They Dont Want Me - Wall of Voodoo
The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too - The Clash
Love Me Girl (hongkongdragon RMX) - Yeasayer
Alien Beach Party - The Delinquents
Half Full Glass of Wine - Tame Impala
Meshkalina - Traffic sound
Gare Du Norde - Carte Blanche
Shadows on My Wall - The Poppy Family
East Over Wives (hongkongdragon RMX) - Dent May

One More Tomb with XXXchange!!!

w/ XXXChange + RCMP + Skinny Friedman + Pumpkin Patch

A very spooky One More Time for Halloween.

"XXXChange is the musical brain behind Spankrock and Amanda Blank, and has been tapped to remix Yeasayer, Santogold, Kylie Minogue, Charlotte Gainsbourg and a grip of other dudes. Dude is the man behind the awesome Fully Fitted collective and is setting up to drop a record on Vice with his new project Win/Win. This is not something you want to miss."

Friday Night!

ATTN BOSTON / CAMBRIDGE MASS: If 7L's mix has got you in the mood to step out in costume come to Zuzu this Friday for the official release! 7L scaring it up, Klassen in from NY, my first time playing in Boston in a while, NOT TO BE MISSED!

Dj 7L - Music To Be Murdered By

Earlier this month we posted 7L's amazingly great yacht/smooth/AM rock mix, Step Into The AM. If you are enjoying this amazing East Coast Fall as much as I am, you should definitely grab that mix. Put it in the pod pod and take a ferry across the water to make it that much more special.

Now our Bladerunner main man has taken the Halloween mix into the next level. With all respect to our very own Darko, this mix is my new favorite "holiday" mix.

7L mixed a grip of horror movie scores and film samples together for your listening pleasure. This is definitely good for handing out candy to kids and maybe the goth that got into Hip Hop via Necro and Non-Phixion (this mix contains none of these artists, thank god).

Added Bonus: Mike 2600 on the design tip for this.

So without further ado, I bid you MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY!!!!


DJ 7L - Music To Be Murdered By

Speaker Project Relaxation Mix

A few years ago my Boston roommate for life Benny and I participated in Juan Angel Chavez's speaker project at Mass Art. Chavez's giant "speakers" turned gallery into a bunch of makeshift accoustic spaces and chillout rooms using scrap wood and metal found on the streets of Boston and local artists were invited to perform daily. Benny and I both did solo sets but we also wanted to collab on a DJ set in the space. We were really into the New Age records and tapes that kept turning up at the local second hand so decided to do a proper New Age mix. Dug up the recording the other day and have been relaxing hard to it. We did this mix using vinyl, Serato, tapes at variable speeds, and some basic effects in Max/MSP. This is a direct recording so you won't hear what it sounded like from inside the giant speaker but the resonance of the wood and metal was supposed to make it all the more interesting. Hope you enjoy it in your own acoustic environment. Partial track list in the comments below (tapes may be hard to track down).
For more on Ben check out his distro and this interview he did with Rare Frequency last year.

Check out this globe article for more on the speaker project and photos at the Speaker Project website.

Panorama above snapped by our friend Egan using his iPhone thanks dude!

Club Music Dj Tools

I was going through records last week getting ready for a night I was doing with Scottie B. I wanted to play some old Club songs and do some mixing like I used to hear on the radio in Baltimore in the 90's. I quickly found that most all of my old weird club records are scratched to shit, so I started recording them into the ol' DAW . Then I started fucking around and doing some quick,choppy editing. Here's one of them:

Clubshorts record Blend #1

sideeyenote: I did the jungle brothers a capella live in the club, but i figured i would edit it in because it seems like a handy DJ tool. If anyone wants the track without it leave a message after the beep.

Maximum Balloon feat David Byrne - Apartment Wrestling (prince klassen edit)

This was posted last week without a DL link. I let the Djs have a week to play with it, now I can release it for everyone else to bump!

This tune is off of David Sitek's Maximum Balloon side project. Sitek being from TV on The Radio enlisted band members as well as a whose who of indie pop stars for guest spots. Apartment Wrestling features David Byrne and I must say it sounds way more Byrne than it does Sitek.

Maximum Balloon - Apartment Wrestling (prince klassen edit) (114) by princeklassen

Can You Moombahton

There may be detractors of the Moombah hype (looking at you Ryan Durkin) but Klassen has made me a believer. Hearing him chop up Moombahton with cumbia and reggaeton breaks made me want to finish this moombah edit I started a while ago. This Mr. Fingers OG clocks in at around mooba bpm so I thought I'd add some hton to it. Henjoy.

Can You Feel It (Ghostdad Moombahton Mix) by Ghostdad

Thanks again to Klassen for the insight. We roommates now yall try and stop us now!!!



Dj 7L - Step Into The Am

One of the nicest DJs I know sent over his new mixes last week, but with the move taking place I am just now getting to them.

Dj 7L of 7L & Esoteric & more currently of The Bladerunners is a solid DJ, good dude, and has a record collection to die for. As many of us are familiar with the stream of Yacht rock that can be heard on the AM dial, 7 went ahead and channeled his inner Michael Mcdonald and put together this great mix of just that. Solid gold blue eyed/ captain’s hat soul!

The homie OZ from Canvas took care of the design side of the project. The very special + limited Step Into The AM pack can be purchased exclusively at Uncle Pete’s in Boston which includes the mix cd, a print, + t shirt. 7L went all out on this and the mix is just ridiculously good without a hint of irony.

You can, however, download the mix for free (if you are one of those people).

To download the mix, you must learn.

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