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is up on the Shilo website. It's all soundtrack stuff from movies and tv. you can download it here:

new mixeses

from our homeboy Nick Catchdini. features Pase on the first one so go get it!




White w/ Graphite Ink - Box
White & Black - Box
Black w/ Grey Print
Black w/ Grey Print - Detail

If your trying to get a shirt, the only way to cop one right now... is to order one of those Fabric Packs or catch us on tour. American Apparels in men's Medium and Large with two color choices - Black or White.


as always.

Fully Fitted T-Shirt Exclusive

Fully Fitted Black  - Mock
Fully Fitted White - Mock

We have shirts coming early next week for sale on our upcoming tour and there's a special package deal for all you freaks! We're packaging off the last copies of the Fabricdead 33.3 CDs from our personal stash. There's only 23 of them available and their pressing numbers are 2-20, 214666, 911, 999.

Dead cover

Fully Fitted Fabric Pack includes...
*Choice of Black or White T-Shirt in Medium or Large
*Spank Rock: Fabriclive 33 CD
*Devlin & Darko: Fabricdead 33.3 CD
*Fully Fitted Button
*Free copy of the Darko Scion Vol. 18 Mix CD

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On Music Production

I used to be obsessed with Mathew Herbert's P.C.C.O.M. (or personal contract for the composition of music) which is sort of his personal manifesto for making tracks. In my opinion this contract led to the excess of clicky/poppy type material in Herberts output but it is an interesting mission statement nonetheless. especially part5 which is probably the only part of this I still try and use as a guideline:

"The inclusion, development, propagation, existence, replication, acknowledgement, rights, patterns and beauty of what are commonly known as accidents, is encouraged. Furthermore, they have equal rights within the composition as deliberate, conscious, or premeditated compositional actions or decisions."

and is reminiscent of the more or less random approach encouraged by Eno's "Oblique Strategies" which you can now get in widget form!
Oh yeah so the pitchfork techno column that's up now has something to do with, as usual, old guard dance music djs and producers being dissatisfied with THE STATE THAT MUSIC IS IN. anyhoo if you scroll all the way down there's some funny and not so funny manifestos inspired by the P.C.C.O.M. highlights include:

"No more disco re-edits."

" It's ok to play more than one minute of a record in a mix. It's even ok to play an entire song (at times)."

"FACT: It is a sin to think that a tape delay emulator is dubby."

" You can play disco, or older music, but only if it's your last track (this means you're cool)." (!)

" If you don't earn enough money by producing and DJing, you will not necessarily earn more if you start a label."

good stuff! also, here's a track that I got from a dude in Munich the other night, don't remember the name of it , but I recognized it as an old Herbert remix I used to have on vinyl so if anybody can remember the name, you know, hit me up!

Head Lamp Killer

Headlamp Killer

The last time Chris & I DJed in San Diego, we happened upon this toy store earlier in the day. Inside the shop, I spotted these super sweet adjustable head lamps. Back at the club and a pack of batteries later, we ended up doing all of the usual lighting tricks and stunts... such as the classic, spot lighting Pase as he hosts... The always trusty and patented, focused light beam to the broken disco ball hanging from the ceiling... and who can forget the fool proof, calling out random people in the crowd with the spot light move. These little beauties definitely took the night to that extra level of blastdom!

Since that fateful evening, my head lamp has stayed tucked away in my bag waiting for just the right occasion to present itself again... Portugal was not that occasion. I can't remember why the lamp came out of its hiding place, but once one person saw it, everyone wanted a piece of the head lamp! Somehow during the course of a very minute span of time, it quickly became the handsfree light that everyone used to go to the shitter with. One girl took it with her to the Porta-John, then another and another... all that I remember in my clouded memory of disgust, is that one girl tried to hand it back to me saying "thanks a lot, that worked out great". My response - Ummmm.... naaaw, you keep it.

DJ Ruin - Lactose Intolerant (Hip Hop Mix circa. 2000)

Remix Contest!


My man Mochipet is having a Remix Contest for his latest album, Microphonepet. Similar to what we tried to do a while back with the YoYoYoYoYoYo accapellas, but with a lot more organization and a constructive concept. He's got all the links, webpages and blogs ready for your hot remixing action... and the winner gets pressed on wax!

Rules & Information

1. Download the Accapellas (here)
2. All samples used in your song must be copyright free.
3. Submit your remix via email as a 320K MP3 file to...
4. Winner will be chosen by Mochipet, Chris De Luca Vs. Phon.o, Darko, Dj C, Jahcoozi, Boreta (Glitchmob), Machine Drum, etc...
5. A WAV/AIFF will be required from the winner for mastering.
6. The winning remix will be pressed on to a 12" with other remixes by Chris De Luca Vs. Phon.o, Darko, Dj C, Jahcoozi, Machine Drum and more...

Further information and current submissions can be found (here)

Been on the road alot..Canada to the West Coast to Paris and then Japan...Very AWESOME. Big thanks to Peter Emes and dondawn, Yukio@VICE, Roger Yamaha and Afra. Here is what some of it looked like on paper:



Hilarious Canada Flyers:


On the bullet train from Osaka hangover sketches:


... DJ Edit I made on said train for the Osaka show :

Japan.unknown (devlinedit) - ????

"House Jam" Remix

Here's a quickie remix I did for my friend Brian Degraw's band, Gang Gang Dance. He also djs at Sway on sundays for "smiths/morrisey night." I'd never been until a few weeks ago and finally I went and turned out they were playing all kinds of shit, I had a really good time so when this remix came up I thought I'd do something kind of tailor made for that dj night. I dunno what my point is with all this, uh, oh yeah go to sway on sundays it's fun!
Seems like I'm doing more and more stuff lately just for it to get leaked on purpose on pitchfork or whatever. pitchfork free downloads = the new 12" ?....I sure hope not! hope you all like it! Brian where's my drawing!?

"House Jam" XXXchange Remix

Also here's some silly photos of me and Pase taken at the lab this afternoon. Pete must've posted them up 5 minutes after we walked out the door. everybody seems psyched about the records so far, which is cool. for those of you holding out for the digital release, it should be up in a couple of weeks on their website.

Also purchase this...

MI available!!!.

Records are Out! Finally!

sooooooo...after many months of delays and excuses from the pressing plant you can finally Get it here so cop that shit yo. daddy needs a macbook air

Greetings from Tokyo...on blast.

In the mail from Balagan was this real nice mix. It was recorded live and is on some Glen Burnie grab and go type shit. Balagan is currently in Europe all over the place. He is in Lisbon, Paris ect. 

SO IF ANYONE CHECKING THIS IN EUROPA has a night that they would like to be enriched by some nice tunes from around the globe... hit Balagan up here. He is down for whatever, shitty piss basement club or 6 am Rave afterparty.

"i had deliberated forever and waited for torq updates and shit but yesterday i got a nice message from someone about that disco throwdown mix, which was all records i grabbed without planning, so i decided to do that again. here it is, maybe you can use it for fully fitted, i think it sounds good." - Balagan 

Transphonic - Jungle Tech
Baaba Maal - Gorel (M.A.W. remix)
The Epitome of Hype - Revenge of Ladies With An Attitude (Remix)
F.O.G. - Electricity
Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - The Challenge
Tyrone Brunson - Servo Go-Go
The Quick - Zulu
Ralph MacDonald - Discolypso
Dance of Algiers
Steely Dan - Green Earrings

Greenway Jungle Mix - Balagan


D&D are djing tonight in 'Gaye Paris' along side Santogold. The event, which was originally scheduled to take place at the Centre Pompidou, has apparently balled out-of-control... and is now taking place on a triple decker boat that resides on the River Seine, right next to the Eeiffel Tower. Our homeboy Teki Latex is gonna roll through, along with Kanye, Pharrell, etc... The shindig is being thrown by Lacoste, so all the celebs will be in the house... errr, I mean boat, tonight!

Pre-game drinks are on my balcony in 5!

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