MIXES 2007 part 3

Balagan loves international disco music and Disco rap.

Maybe you should too.

Either way : check this mix. As Balagan will tell you , its not the most precisely mixed run of tracks, but... surprise! the content is quite nice...



Automatic Man - Daughter of Neptune
Liquid Liquid - Push
Gary Davis and the Professor - Super Jake
Life - Soul Train
T-Bone Walker - Long Skirt Baby Blues
Voggue - Roller Boogie
Alexander Robotnick - Problemes d'Amour
Barrabas - High Light
Chime - Keep It Up
K.I.D. - Hupendi Muziki Wangu? (You Don't Like My Music)
Doctor Ice - Calling Doctor Ice
Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3
MC Miker G and DJ Sven - Holiday Rap

Mixes 2007 part 2:

damn near everything this guy does is awesome

MIXES 2007 PART 1 :

The year is almost finished ...time to get to posting some mixes i have really liked from this past year.

First up this week:

outta Chicago :



Grown Mix - Dj Zebo

Cymande – Brother's on the Slide (Ruff & Tuffy Mix)
Gary's Gang – Do it at the Disco
Gene Chandler – When You're Number 1
Herbie Hancock – Tell Everybody
My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
Telex – Brainwash
*Secret Sample that was looped
Chromeo – Needy Girl
Michael Jackson – Rock with You
Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Eli & Diplo Disco Remix)
Stargard – Wear it Out
Karen Young – Hot Shot

The Holiday Mix Massacre

I made this mix for the 2005 holiday season, but its getting a re-up for the new year. I've taken some things out and streamlined it for the blog, but beware... this mix made Naeem throw up when he heard it!

Ronnie Darko - BBC Holiday Mix (2007 Refix)

Weekend with Santi

ssooo. I got a call from Santi sometime last week like "what you doing on Dec. 1st?" I'm like uhhh I dunno. she wanted me to DJ for her as she was to be opening for M.I.A. in Philadelphia. cool. I was in Montreal at the time deciding if I should stay an extra night to see The show with Cool Kids and Rye Rye. so since I would be doing this show in Philly now I decided to head back to New York. So Thursday comes around and we need to rehearse. that means go shopping. we were looking for something for her to wear at the show and she opted for this green marching band coat with tails. it's pretty fresh. She also bought a whole bunch of other shit. like this GOLD LION belt. so ill. Then we drive to Philly with Amanda in tow. let me tell you about Ms. Blank. this girl can talk for hours. I dont think she took a breath the whole 2 hour ride to Philly. She can make something as mundane as taking a shit into a romantic comedy/ thriller cinematic biopic. She needs her own TV show. Like Ricki Lake for hipsters. But I digress... we arrive at the venue just in time for soundcheck. The show was crazy! so much fun and good to see old friends and new friends and just hang out. there's pics and video. pick 'em up, HO.

Maya and Low B and Rye Rye soundcheck

Santogold and Amanda Blank (and Naeem Le Spank)


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