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XXXchange + Kele Okereke

Exciting Fully Fitted news.

As you may or may not know, our very own XXXchange executive produced the new solo record, The Boxer, from Kele Okereke of Bloc Party fame. That should be hitting the streets June 21st.

The lead single, Tenderoni, hit the internet awhile back.

To get a little more insight on the album and Kele's process working with XXXchange, run to your bookstore and pick up the new Nylon music issue with someone named M.I.A. on the cover.

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Kele Okereke - Tenderoni (XXXchange dub)

Kele okereke - Tenderoni (XXXChange Dub) by xxxchange

New Sober and A1

A few days late on the release of this summer mix from the homies Sober and A1, but it's still fresh for the downloading. Features a double shot of Fully Fitted Faculty with Better Than You and Nights among other summertime slammers. Tracklist (and ass) below.


Sheeeeeeit. kylie!

I guess somebody at parlophone leaked my remix of kylie minogue "all the lovers" because it's all over the internets. the hi quality one will hopefully be available for sale on june 15th, until then here's a download link

Kylie Minogue "all the lovers" (xxxchange remixery) by xxxchange

Anglo-Latino Wild West Surf

I was getting songs together for a show this past weekend. It was The Kominas,of Islam Punk fame, and Sunny Ali and the Kid (really great) with special guests. I was to be the in between DJ guy, so I gathered up a bunch of garage, punk, post punk, ska and psych tunes to fit the vibe. If I could DJ that shit till I died, and not too much else, I'd be OK with that, but I digress...

In going through records, Mp3s, and blogz, I found this old Surf Compilation I bought a few years ago...and since alot of surf is pretty much garage (no UK prefix) and alot of times has cool intros, I thought it was a good fit as well.

Here's one from the Nocturnes off that comp. It's spacey and weird. The short bio on the band is cool and the whole compilation is pretty nice.

Journey To The Stars - Nocturnes

me and my board last summer :

Getting Older

Means more weddings...

... and I recently DJ'd a wedding. It was kind of a marriage of people AND cultures, with a Franco-American bride and a Mexican-American groom. The mariachi band killed. The Banda music I downloaded, along with some secret Cumbias from the one and only Chico Sonido, also went over like Gangbusterz. I can't share those secretas, but Raul did update the awesome (and incredibly useful) Psychumbia® version of Rye Rye's Shake it to the Ground

Shake it to the Ground (Chico Sonido Rmx) - Rye Rye

What also killed it was "I got a feeing" into "Sexy Bitch" oof ... Also the Cupid Shuffle and Cha-Cha Slide. The teens/tweens at the wedding went OFF to these.

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