I know everybody is talking about Jay Z's performance at Glastonbury and how great it was... that's cool and all but the real action was going down in Norway at Hovefestival last week. they didnt name the fest after Jay Hova himself but he did rock that shit. I was there just chilling all week, I DJ'd a couple raves in the woods (so hard the crowd broke the floor!) and ran video for Neon Neon during their performance. keyword here is CHILLIN! it's been a week and a half since I've seen my luggage. I'm STILL in Scandanavia and I still have no clothes save for some WESC t-shirts I snagged from the other night. I bought some clean drawls and socks and toothpaste but man a brother is strugglin! I need a shape up like a year ago and my shave game is mad shady right now...anyway, Dim Mak was also all up in the place like crazy with myself, Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, and Har Mar Superstar all in attendance as was Boysnoize, The Count and Sinden Soundsystem, Surkin, Mixhell, The Cool Kids, Vampire Weekend, Neon Neon, Beck, The Black Lips, Hercules And Love Affair, The Raconteurs, Duffy and just about anybody else who is anybody (but no sadly Roctakon wasn't there). did I mention Jay-Z? my people Santogold and M.I.A. couldn't make it but we all had a blast anyway. here's some pics from my iphone and some that I lifted from this great Norwegian blog shout out to Nadine, Alex, Charlotte, Martin L Diddy, Gaute Drevdal and the Hovefestivalen Posse(s) for an eventful week. I'm about to start a new band called The Scandanavian Girls. If you're Scandanvian and female and play a wind instrument get at me! see you next year! here's a pic of me at 4 am in a hammock by the ocean.

so fucking disco.


Klayston P says...

"I would have had this sooner to the blog, but I got stuck playing Wii all day yesterday. It was the first time ever that I had played one, and FACK!! I want one soooo bad. My arm hurts no thanks to the tennis game, but I aint mad at ya Wii.

Last week I was working on a new official mix literally all day every day and one more morning I woke up and managed to make this beautiful boogie mix all in one shot. All the way live from hot as fack texas! No overdubs, no edits, all live... Sure its on Serato, but I have the records to prove it douche elitists. My mp3s weigh a ton."

- Prince Klassen


Sharon Redd - You Got My Love
Status IV - Lovin You
Rolemottle - Take a Break (maurice fulton remix)
The Sunburst Band - Twinkle (idjut boys dub)
Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow
Gloria Gaynor - Anybody wanna party?
Skyy - Heres to you (Dimitri from Paris re edit)
Electric Funk All Stars - For those that like to boogie
Linda Clifford - I'll Keep on loving you
Wolf - Why do you do me?




stuff that never got released pt.3 "LFWWS"

well the Kudu remix album came out and we're not on it! so what the heck. LFWWS is short for "Let's Finish What We Started." Kudu stands for " K.ids U.nder D.emonic U.sage." Me and Chris Devlin did this remix one year ago in

LFWWS (xxxchange& Devlin mix)

LFWWS (xxxchange & Devlin instrumental mix)


YES! people keep asking me about my influences. here you go. and yes, I've got a new attitude. no more old man hating, as the homie Jemz would tell you. "STRICTLY IRIE VIBES" from now on. The Multi-Fan jumpoff is my next haircut...Go Patti.

I'm Old!

It's official. Put brakes on the track bike last night 'cause I'm fucking old and a pussy.

BUT in good news I filled out my rack of SCA preamps. I'd built the first four myself, two a12s and two n72s, and they sounded soooooooooo good I was like fuck it, and got four more pre-assembled. now I got all four major flavors, eight total. the new additions are two c84s and two j99s. If any of you guys are into recording, cop these shits as the bang 4 buck ratio is exceptional. SCA website
p.s. sorry to add to the long ass string of picture posts but be patient, another "stuff that never got released" is coming next week!

Athens, Greece














I went to Momoca see Jasko :




We exchanged goods and cheer I share with you...


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