Records from Balagan: Haiti

Sam 'Balagan' Hopkins recently sent me some great music from Haiti ... I asked him to share it here. Thanks Sam...

"Years before I got a passport I started picking up records from other countries in Kansas City thrift stores. I got sucked in by the cover art, the music, the way sung words I didn't know just became another instrument, and how each particular album got to where I was from its origin. When I left my house for Peru on January 11, the record I had left out to digitize was a Haitian LP from the late 60s called Toujours by Les Loups Noirs (The Black Wolves). The cover says "Haiti" on each side of a pensive Caribbean queen's head, to remind you that despite the academy-sanctioned French you hear on the album, this music has an undercurrent of Kreyol. "Les Coeurs de Vingt Ans" (20 Year-Old Hearts), here, is a saxy soul number with vocals as restless as the song's name suggests. Other record sleeves I've got around carry names like Jacmel and Les Cayes, which I heard pronounced during coverage of the earthquake over the past two weeks ..."

Les Loups Noirs - Les Coeurs de Vingt Ans

MAN.This one is sooo good (devlln):

"Leon Dimanche, backed by his Lionceaux (Cubs) from Les Cayes, emotes like Charles Aznavour on "Bon Voyage." He's singing about the "eternal voyage" and hearts that have been torn apart. With gargled r's and a sad organ Leon and the Cubs say goodbye."

Leon Dimanche Et Les Lionceaux Des Cayes - Bon Voyage


MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! Last year my man Treasure Fingers was in town and it was a blast. This year, the Fully Fitted posse will be in full effect. Pase Rock & Devlin will be heading up this thang thang with my dudes Damaged Good$ bringing the live fast raps.

RSVP at Knuckle Rumbler.

SATURDAY FEB 6th at The Parish, Austin.

Whiskey Barons Edits pt. 2

Second installment of what is already shaping up to be a dynamite series of edits posted here first at Fully Fitted! Shout outs to Kon and In Your Ear (photo above from the Pheonix)! Take it away Amphibious...

Ok so for a switch up from the latin vibes this week I got you with some serious soul stompers. First up is The Temptations "I can't get next to you" which I need to give credit to Kon for reminding me about. I hadn't heard it in a long time and had completely forgotten how goddamn funky it was. Extra breaks and bass with some subtle touches have made it so I can run this at any gig instead of just funk/soul type affairs.

The Temptations - I can't get next to you (whiskey barons edit)


Second is a song Reid from in your ear (Boston record heads know the deal) put me on to. Mean northern soul stomper with huge huge horns and really dope vocals that could have easily come off a Motown record. I don't know much about the group except that they put out records on the southern soul label Karma and had a bigger song called "Woman, Love Thief". I got rid of a lot of shit that I felt was holding the record back and really just let those horns do all the work with some big drums under em.

Stemmons Express - Love Power (whiskey barons edit)

Whiskey Barons myspace

Live at Home pt 26 - Dj Ayres

Oh man, here it is! I have been bugging everyone in The Rub for some time now to do one of these and now we have two under our belts. Eleven got us a few months back and now Ayres really came through with some funky tunes for you. Here are some words from the man himself.

Like everything, I really over-thought this mix. When I started making mixtapes in the 90s, I would pull all the records I wanted to use, practice each mix and chart out the flow of the whole thing on paper, including what tempo each record needed to be on the pitch control to mix with the next one. I would do a dry run to see how long the mix was going to be and add or take out some records, then finally hit record on my cassette recorder and hope to nail it on the third or fourth take. These days I do most of my mixes in Ableton, cutting and pasting in tracks, editing the intros and outros to mix perfectly, which takes out any room for human error. It's a hell of lot faster this way, so doing a Live At Home was a return to the old way of doing things, and while working with Serato and a Pioneer 800 does make things a little easier than 12" records and the shitty Numark mixer I had in '96, recording live still means taking that leap of faith when you hit record. I felt pretty happy with the second take so that is the one you'll hear. In terms of selection, these are all songs I don't usually get to play in primetime DJ sets, but I wanted it to still feel like a party. Some funk, soul, disco, hip-hop and a little bit of house at the end. I hope yall enjoy it.


Dj Ayres - Live at Home pt 26

Chubby Checker - The Rub
Kool & The Gang - Ike's Mood / Loving Feeling (intro)
Charles Wright - Express Yourself
Detroit Emeralds - You're Gettting A Little Too Smart
The Trinikas - Remember Me
Pamoja - Oooh, Love
Average White Band & Ben E King - A Star In The Ghetto
Bobby Franklin's Insanity - Bring It On Down
Lord Finesse - Return of the Funky Man
Kid N Play - Gittin Funky
Sly And The Family Stone - Trip To Your Heart
Ingram - DJ's Delight
Waajeed - Funkin for Jamaica
Funky Four +1 - Do You Want To Rock
People's Choice - Do It Any Way You Wanna
Ray J - Right Place, Wrong Time
The Skatalites - Herb Man Dub
The Nite-Liters - K-Jee
Florence Miller - The Groove I'm In
Chaka Khan - Clouds
Sister Sledge - Lost In Music
Sinnamon - I Need You Now
Exodus - Together Forever
Moodyman - Tribute! (To The Soul We Lost)
Hermanez - Marrakech (Martinez remix)
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes f. Sharon Paige - Hope That We Can Be Together Soon
Dazz Band / Whitfield Brothers - Let It Whip (B.Cause Prowlin' rework)


While we were down in Australia Ron and I dropped in on Andre Calman's radio show The Hands of Tyme: Music from the Psycadelic era. We talked about music, cracked some bad jokes, and I played tracks which hopefully satisfied the taste of the listeners ... Here is the live mix on 2SER. (I edited out some of our conversation). Thanks for the BBQ Andre!

Hands of Tyme(guest mix) - Devlin&Darko

Chicago - "Im a Man" (Rub 'n' Tug re-edit)
The Monkeys - "For Petes Sake"
The Quick - "Apple Something" (DJ Contra edit)
Octopus - "The Thief"
Bohemian Vendetta - "All Kinds of Highs"
Creation -"Making Time" (DJ Contra edit)
April March - "Chick Habit" (DJ Contra edit )
Eric Burden & The Animals - "Warm San Franciscan Nights"
The Troggs - "Feels Like A Woman"
Hunters - "Russian Spy And I"
Calum Bryce - "Love Maker"
Kamal Ahmed feat Noor Jehan -"I Am Very Sorry"
Fabio - "Lindo Sonho Delirante (LSD)"
??? - "Reach Out (ill be there)"
excerpt from tangerine dream concert taping
The Kinks - "Set Me free"
Rodriguez - "Hate Street Dialogue"
Tomorrow - "Good Wizzard Meets Naughty Wizzard"
Shoking Blue - "Send Me a Postcard"
Electric Prunes - "I Had Too Much To Dream last Night"
Hazy Osterwald Jet Set - "Swinging London"
Orchester Werner Mueller - "Bodybuilding"
Kalyanji Anandji - "Cabaret Dance Music"
Duo Inter - "Beggin"
Love - Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale

Whiskey Barons Edits pt. 1

Fully Fitted exlusivo! Whisky Barrons, aka Amphibious and the Bogart of Flavorheard affiliation are going to leak a nice hand full of DJ edits here first at Fully Fitted! You remember the two shot, the 12" and radio appearance, now dudes are back to do your crates proper for a little while starting with these two. See the word from Amphib:

Whiskey Barons & Willie Colon - La Banda


Whiskey Barons & Willie Colon - La Banda (dj edit)


The original La Banda is a classic latin tune by willie colon, but has
recently come under a lot of scrutiny because it appears he jacked
Enrique Lynch's llego la banda, written by Walter Fuentes. Either
way, the Willie Colon version is what we reworked here; It's a
heavily beefed up version with all new drums and a replayed bassline
to give it that thickness to wreck dance floors. We've been playing
this out for months at all different types of gigs and it's been going
over really well. Comes in two flavors, one gets right to the point
from the intro to the vocals while the other lets the drums & bass
ride a while before the vocals rock. Massive respect to the horn
section on this one!

Ray Barretto - Right On (Whiskey Barons edit)


The Whiskey Barons are huge fans of Ray Barretto, as y'all might know
from the 12" we put out this past year that featured our version of
Rareza en Guajira. When it came to the next Barretto track I was very
hesitant to touch it at all, as it's almost a perfect song in my
opinion. My goal was to rework it enough to prolong the payoff and
thicken it sonically without having it overtly sound "remixed" or
edited. I think it came out pretty tastefully.

We'll be dropping a few fresh Whiskey Barons edits weekly while they last so watch for more in the coming weeks!

Live at Home pt 25 - Jayceeoh

So let's kick off the new year right with Live at Home pt 25 from our dude, Jayceeoh! This mix is a nice refreshing start for 2010. Super soulful and skillfully done. Here are some words from the man himself.

A few weeks ago the Fully Fitted homies hit me up and asked if I would be down to record a mix for the Live at Home series. I had been a familiar with the series but not up to date on all of the releases. I checked it out and a bunch of my favorite DJs had already thrown down, so I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. When I asked what type of mix I should do the instructions were what "play what you would want to listen to on a sunday afternoon at your crib." I was feeling that vibe. I have been putting out alot of mixes recently but more on the upbeat tip in the interest of booking gigs and what not. I was pumped to throw down some classy tunes to chill out to. I didnt do my usualy style with lots of cuts and quick mixing. I let this mix breathe and am very happy with the outcome. Enjoy! - jayceeoh


Dj Jayceeoh - Live at Home pt 25

1. Miike Snow - Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)
2. Mayer Hawthorn - Green Eyed Love (Waajeed Remix)
3. Gil Scott Heron - Legend In His Own Mind
4. Fela Kuti feat Notorious B.I.G. - Water No Get Enemy (JayCeeOh Edit)
5. Talib Kweli feat Jay Electronica - Just Begun
6. Blackroc feat Mos Def - On the Vista
7. Raekwon - Happy New Years
8. Snoop Dogg feat Jazmine Sullivan - Different Languages
9. Redman - I Cant Wait
10. Steady B - Serious (BDP Remix)
11. Gecko Turner - Limon En La Cabeza (Quantic Dub Mix)
12. Rhythm Funk Masters - Nudinuff
13. Kool Dj Dust - The Quest
14. Major Lazer - Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)
15. Sabrina Malheiros - Capoeira Vai (Roc Hunter Remix)
16. Soul Clap - Kissing Game

Thanks to Jay and the Super 7 posse!

Greetings from Australia where its 85degrees

Darko, Amanda, and I are in Australia. Its nice here, and warm, and we ate Kangaroo last night.
Before we came down, Triple J radio asked for an hour Fully Fitted mix. Alexxx and I each did a half hour, here is that and a few photos from the trip...



We at Fully Fitted started a nice little mix series that has DJs & music lovers create mixes of stuff that they won't necessarily get to play in the clubs. The series has seen a ton of different styles & genres from all over the world.

In celebration of the new year and the series about to hit 25 volumes, I thought we should share 1-24 with you all.


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