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Do It Again mixes on Soundcloud

Do It Again started as monthly Sunday night held down by myself, Devlin, and our friend Ryan Durkin. It was a hang out and play whatever we want in a small bar type situation and turned out pretty fun each time we did it. Eventually our dudes Mayhem and Brek.One starting holding down other Sundays at the same spot so we decided to roll crew deep and make it a rotating jam session on the weekly. It's turning into the premiere Sunday destination, and to take it one step further we'll be recording live mixes from the night and putting them on our Soundcloud page. My latest entry is above but check the rest out at with fresh batch probably up in January. All killer, and all live. Some might say we were inspired by the "live at home" series, well consider this live at the club with a feel all it's own. And Soundcloud is a pretty neat spot for sharing tracks and mixes so friend if up if you're on there! Do It Again will be going down tonight (Sunday) at Zuzu, sans me but rumor has it Devlin is making a return?

FF taco try-outs pt.1

Q:Do you think A-trak gets deals/special treatment when he travels because of his excellent series of hotel reviews?

Most of our attempts to get free stuff here at the FF hq are ill-advised and probably we don't deserve whatever it is anyway. Tacos however, are something that I feel we are not only experts on but, we consume them in such immodest quantities, that if there's something we deserve to get for free or at least wholesale rate it's probably Mexican food (see also: Rane equipment and cafe bustello). Regardless of whether or not we can rise to the heights of resaurant reviewing that would entail us actually getting free tacos, If our website becomes known as a place where people go to download reggae songs and read taco reviews I feel that we will have made a healthy, and helpful contribution to the blogsphere.

So without further ado let me kick off this installment of FF taco try-outs. This first SanFrancisco episode could not have taken place without the help of our excellent local guides, the Evens-Ditzler family who are not only experts on local mexican fare but have a capacity for consumption that left even this most gluttanous FF team member, gazing on in awe and admiration.

as you can plainly see from the diagram below the four main categories for judgement include: Atmosphere, Presentation, Condiments (chips, salsa, jalapenos etc), and Taste. additional tie-breaker categories include: Wait Time, Price, Tortillia Quality, Service and Chip Quality.

El Tonayense (taco truck)
22nd St and Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Atmosphere:5 (truck)
Presentation:3 (surprisingly very good given the paper plates and lack of an actual restaurant)
price: $9.25 for 5 tacos and 1 soda

El Metate (con sabora mexicana)
2406 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Presentation:4 (tacos were artfully arranged on paper plates with lemon slices and jalepenos)
Taste:7 (revised from a 6.5)
price: $14 for 5 fish tacos and 1 soda

Total:16 (note: only fish tacos were consumed here which may have affected the score)

Taqueria San Jose
2830 Mission St
San Francisco, California 94103

Condiments:5 (full self-serve bar of salsas, and pickled veggies)
price: $14.75 for 5 tacos and 1 soda


El Farolito (winner!)
2779 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110-3103

Atmosphere:4 (indoors! also jukebox)
Condiments:5 (again, a full self-serve bar of all the usual salsas etc. salsa quality was very high)
price: $9.85 for 4 tacos and 1 horchata


Aether - Artifacts

My homeboy from San Antonio (hometown baby baby) just released his first solo album on Exponential and its been climbing up the itunes charts and making people say good things. The record is really fresh and sounds like a mix between newer Flying Lotus/ Alias/ and some Massive Attack moodiness. I hate doing the old comparison thing, but people don't pay attention otherwise (thanks pitchfork). Here is my favorite track off the record for you to grab courtesy of label head, Ernest Gonzales.



If you are interested in picking up more stuff from the label, go over to Exponential's site. They have been really making some quality chunes over the last few years for those that are into electronic music ala Boards of Canada, Low End Theory, Southern Crunk, and anything else in between.

Listen to This!

One of my main Miami partners-in-crime, Induce... has a podcast on the regular. His latest mix was recorded live at LVL 25 @ The Conrad Hotel, where he "kinda spazzed out and went all over the board" since no one was there. Luckily for you, its up for easy download and its amazingly perfect for the cold, holiday season. Also, its a great reprieve from face-melters and music that wobbles. So, get your holiday on and be inspired... now!

Hometeam Podcast  - click the link and iTunes does the rest!

• King Curtis
• Nuyorican Soul
• Dinah Washington (Truth & Soul)
• Howlin Wolf
• Sa-Ra Creative Partners
• Herbie Hancock
• Faze-O
• Sebastien Tellier
• Stereolab
• Bjork
• Jarvis Cocker
• Juliette Commagere
• Scarlett Johansson
• Dungen
• Koushik
• The Kaldirons
• Mayer Hawthorn & The County

4th or 5th Annual Xmas Party...TUESDAY!!

bbc xmas flyer5

LIve From Brooklyn:

In the shtudio with Ghostdad and Alexxx in Brooklyn the other day.... There was singing, keyboards and a synthi.

There was also magic...Magic In the form of this cover of Baba O' Riley. The Sebastian mix was really cool, but I think we may have given sunny jim a run for his Euros.

Baba O' Riley (FuckFace Cover) - The Who

Zack Attack

Our dude Four Color Zack, one of Darko's top three favorite djs, sent over a new mix this afternoon. Apparently, I have been sleeping on The Dream, no pun intended, but if Zack makes a mix of nothing but dudes music, then I gots to believe in it.

Zack is one of the best dudes to hang with and by far one of the best djs I have seen in a very long time. You can grab this mix here and if you did not get his "live from home", you can grab from our nifty sidebar over to the right.

Mr. Oizo - It Takes Two (prince klassen edit)

I have been a fan of Mr. Oizo for some time now and have loved most everything he has done, though that last full length was kind of way the f*ck out there. He turned his focus back on to the dance floor for his newest, Lambs Anger, which is a solid record. When I first heard it, there were a few tracks that really stood out. It Takes Two is a weird amalgam of the Rob Base classic and some clever word play from Carmen Castro. Here is my edit that I made for a little more dj friendly action.

Mr Oizo feat Carmen Castro - It Takes Two (prince klassen edit)


The other night...

Ended like this..

Holiday Mix Massacre Re:Up

Undeniably, the worlds greatest holiday mix that has ever been made!

Download - Ronnie Darko "BBC Holiday Mix Massacre (2007 Edit)"

xx EU travelogue3

played at the social club in paris on Wednesday. my cousin Andrea and her daughter Zoe came. this is Zoe with her boyfriend Flo.

In berlin my good friend sophie took me to a lecture by Amy goodman who runs Democracy Now which is a really cool non-mainstream media organization based in the United States then we saw this awesome piece of graffitti on the way to the club
I got the same hotel room two nights in a row in two different cities which blew my mind

As soon as i got off the plane in Geneva the booker Andre asked me if I wanted to go to a hockey game. so I said hell yeah! what a great way to break the monotony of airport/nightclub/hotel every day! Geneva lost but the game was still super fun. At the club that night i played with these dudes CLP. one of the dudes, chris de luca used to be in Funkstorung. which is like one of the huge reasons why i got into doing electronic/sequenced music in the first place. so after i was done fanning out on dude I played my set then headed home. also props to the people at the Zoo club in Geneva for getting my entire rider including scratch-off lottery tickets!

when I left I loaned pase my car so he could move into his new apartment. upon returning home pase was like "I got your car towed" so I went to the impound to try and get it back but they were like "we dont have it" so I was riding my bike home and kinda of half assed looking around the area where he said he last saw it and voila:

Bladerunners are the Truth

I have been a major fan of them since the first 12" dropped a good while back. Ever since then I have preached the word and turned so many people on to their chunes. I have been fortunate to become good friends with the guys and I can only expect bigger and better things from them in 2009. So without me making this sound like a yearbook signing, I just wanted to get some more of their chunes out to get the party started. We at Fully Fitted are by no means a mp3 blog, but we believe in those that are top notch. For those not in tune, the Bladerunners make Latin Rascals influenced edits of evvy chunes as well as original joints. I put together a little package for you with some of my recent faves and the official party starter for 2008.


Click on the link above and get three tracks of niceness that are a good break from ridiculous basslines and breakdowns. Catch up with the dudes here...


Live from Jamaica Plain

Chris and I are working on some tunes. Here's what it looks like in the studio!

Live @ Home part 13

From February to August we did a sereis of mixes here called Live@home. All the mixes were recorded Live, in someones house, with no post-mix editing. They came out pretty dope and we got a lot of really great Feedback. Well, its time to grease the wheels for this next round of mixes with a couple given to us in the same vein, for exclusive download.

This week: Eli Escobar who is, among other things, the mastermind behind Pase Rock's Grammy award nominated 12" So Fuckin Disco.

This Mix from Eli is one that he streamed at his Blog but has given to us to post up for download. It's Live, it's from his home and now its yours world...

Eli on the Mix:

"I was digitizing this 12 inch of this old Imagination song and just started djing while I was recording for about 38 minutes. The thing that always surprises me about vinyl is I can lock in two records in about 3 seconds, go make myself a frozen pizza, eat it, take a shit and come back 6 minutes later and they will still be perfectly in synch. Big difference from Serato (especially when you're djing in a club and the bass is making your green circles all fuzzy). I've been really struggling with the gayness of Serato recently and although I have no plans to stop using it, djing with records every once in a while is good therapy! So these are just old records I've had for years and years and still never get sick of hearing. Enjoy!"

Damn!6 mins.Cook, Eat, shit. Eli Escobar, you are a genius for that one

DOWNLOAD : Eli Escobar - Fucking Around With Records

TrackList (in lyrics for iphone/ipod/itunes):
Imagination - This Means War (Dub)
Junior Byron - Dance To The Music
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (Dub)
Warp 9 - Light Years Away (Dub)
Affinity - Don't Go Away
Affinity - Don't Go Away (Dub)
Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise
Steve Arrington - Dancing In The Key Of Life (Timmy Regisford Remix)
Earons - Land Of Hunger (Dub)

A Jawa,Gene Simmons, Homer Simpson and others presiding over the mix in Eli's home :

eli house

Reggae two shotta

These are my chunes for last nights Reggae two shot at 11 o bumba clock. These are basically some thickies from reggae vaults. Enjoy

Techniques - Queen Majesty
listen here...

download here...
Queen Majesty

Culture - Two Sevens Clash
listen here...

download here...
Sevens Clash

xx EU travelogue2

I missed my train to paris because i went out with the smalltown djs guys after my dj gig and we got pretty drunk. went to fabrix and saw jesse rose and fake blood and after that i cant remember but i think that this is what it looked like:

Ha, so anyway i missed my train and ended up staying in this hotel which when i booked it i was so hungover that i didn't really care when they said "it's not a single it's a half-room" and so i showed up and the room looked like this:

So last night i went out to Teki latex's birthday party at Le Baron in Paris. I saw stephan "the genevan heathen," Cuizinier, Teki and I met Para one who was super cool and apparently just did a movie soundtrack . Also he was djing on a MACBOOK AIR OMG. jealousy ensued. tomorrow night I'm playing at the social club here in paris no macbook air. Here are some photos of paris so far:

Australian Darko Diary, Pt 1

Chris & I just got back from the Stereosonic Tour in Australia and it was literally, an all expense paid summer vacation. We had one gig, then chilled in Sydney for a week, then four gigs and another 4 days off... Insane! But, while Plastic Little sat in there hotel rooms the whole time, Chris, Dave & myself, maximized every possible moment.

Thanksgiving Feast w/ Levins
Levins cooked up one of the most amazing Thanksgiving dinners I've ever had in my life. Literally... I didn't even get diarrhea! He also made us a home cooked meal of Ribs and vegetables (pictured above) when we first arrived in Sydney. He definitely gives Alex a run for his money in the kitchen. I'm suggesting an international Iron Chef cook off!

Opera House w/ Narder
Adult Desserts
Went down to the Opera House to visit the Ice Bar for some dranks, but ended up getting all grown and sexy with some sweets. Extravagant desserts and wine/coffee are my new guilty pleasure.

Hey Guy!
This guy got all excited when he saw the downtown area's courtyard Christmas tree installation. Sadly, that kid was never seen again.

Devlin Light Burst
Went out on the town with Neha and the nice Nina from hoops and stopped at this superb Sushi restaurant, where I snapped this pic of Chris. We also encountered a gallery which was displaying tons of fancy cat paintings. Chris has an iPhone pic of the most amazing "gay" cat in the set, but we haven't traded photos yet, so...

Gay Cat Paintings
Gay Cat Paintings

Nada pulling a Levins
Once we saw Levins' catalogue of "spoiling other peoples photos", we became inspired. A lot of celebrating, "Schoolies" and making out!

From the moment we landed, Australia was all up in Christmas' ass.... Hard! They don't do the whole Thanksgiving thing, so I guess they start celebrating X-mas early. Which is just creepy, like this photo.

Melbourne w/ Style

Bondi Beach
Anna & Dad
Once we finished the festival dates and met back in Sydney on Monday, we went straight to Bondi Beach for a party at Icebergs (which is the best place in all of Sydney). Anna from hoops was spinning and turned the free drink and hors d'oeuvres party into the greatest night ever. She even brought her famalam!

Traditional Australian Shoe Tossing
So great in fact, that the shoes had to go up in celebration... continuing the Turbo Tradition! So much funny shit happened, hopefully I caught some of it on video (which I'll post up soon). And if you missed it the first time around... Swirlpool (Australian Radio Mix, Pt. Darko)

Oh yea... I also did an FBI Radio promo for DJ Assult while I was in town. Look out, I'm building quite the resume!

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