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Tonight/tomorrow morning I'll be appearing alongside good old Bennett4$enate on his summer WFMU slot Awesome New Place. Excited to kick it radio style again in good company and on the station I grew up listening to. I'll play plenty of weird records, some Fully Fitted exclusives, and maybe some video chops sans video for your imagination to run wild. We'll be talking about video on the radio in prep for this:

On Thursday night Bennett and I will tag team a DJ set complete with not yet viral videos from the internet at the Everything is Terrible after party at Public Assembly. Stop by for the show and stay for the jams.

Then it's up to Boston for a few nights. Hope to see you somewhere between.


Gonzo's Baltimoreux

"For cookout time...make it Live at home # 29 time"

Great man, and no stranger to a great cookout, (wether its at his house or the family Devlin's) Adam Gonzo brings the dog-day delivery with his Live at Home.

Hey Guys,
This mix is all about peaks and valleys, strikes and gutters. Because, you know, sometimes you eat the bar, and, well, sometimes it eats you. I tried to put a little bit of something for everyone in this one-- 80's divorce rock, dream pop, cosmic disco, and, of course, Michael Jackson. I wanted to give this a summertime vibe, perfect for BBQs and trips to the beach. I hope the kids dig it. Anyway, I am super honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the fully fitted live at home mix series; the roster of DJs who have contributed so far is amazing.

I am currently working on my dissertation for a PhD in political theory at Johns Hopkins University. The dissertation is (tentatively) titled Race and Vision: Rethinking the Tragic, and it engages a number of intellectual traditions and thinkers, including Sophocles, Nietzsche, Frantz Fanon, Cornel West, C. L. R. James, Immanuel Kant, Johann Herder, Gilles Deleuze, W. E. B. Du Bois, and some other folks as well. I am also teaching an undergrad seminar in the fall titled "Black Political Thought and the Enlightenment" that I am really excited about. Hopefully one day I can change my DJ name to 'Dr. Adam Gonzo'.

All the best from balmy Baltimore,
Adam Gonzo

Live at Home 29 - Adam Gonzo

RIP Tuli Kupferberg

Staying in the psych vain wanted to pay tribute to Tuli Kupferberg a true Bohemian and Fug till the end. From The Fugs website:

The oi is oi-ing in the Great Oi!

This fugs tune always stuck in my mind, maybe cuz of the Timothy Leary cameo, or maybe cuz it's one of the more melodic Fugs tunes. Have the full length floating around at my folks house somewhere but here's the only copy I could find on the nets for now:

Turn on, tune in, drop out

Hocus Pocus

Congrats Spain. World cup had a lot of funny memes and moments attached. Thought it was pretty cool this Focus song got a lot of burn due to the much talked about Nike ad. Looks like some members of Focus are still at it and enjoying some time on the (European) charts again. Wonder if Thijs can still hit the high notes.

Hocus Pocus

Douche Chiiiilllllllllllllllllll

Church Sale Record Digs

This past holiday weekend I went back to the place I started buying weird records as a kid. This massive church sale in my home town is pretty much endless piles of clothes, records, electronics, and housewares packed into the the bottom floors of the local Methodist. Record piles have been slimming out in favor of VHS tapes and CD's over the years but still managed to grab a few choice pieces.

Religious music and sermon test pressings:

Useful 12"s and flute prog:

Ethnic music and filmstrip soundtracks:

All in all a good trip. And of course a chance to hear Sir Anthony:

sir anthony

Sir Anthony runs the music sales. He keeps a close eye on the classical section and performs a program of material from the stacks. He's an odd guys, sometimes speaks with a transelvania accent, but his tenor game in on point. Wouldn't be summer in a stuffy church basement without him. Merry Christmas in July everyone:

Sir Anthony by Ghostdad

I'll be putting in a guest spot over at WFMU with Bennett next week so stay tuned to hear some of the above cuts and then some.

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