Amanda Blank support for Santigold tour: Road Video Part 1

...Reporting live from comfort Inn outside Bozeman, Montana. Ron, Amanda, and I (along with TM Rachelle) have been up the West Coast, into Canada, and are headed for MInneapolis. This is a video of the road so far...

This is my first iMovie try, so its not the best, but was real fun to make. Need to download the new one with the time editing function to make the next one.

Animated Gifs

Here are some animated gifs I been freakin with:

Reggae Two Shot Golden Hen riddim

...she layin eggs for the gentlemen, sometime nyiiine, and sometime tennn...

From last week's progam:

Tenor Saw - Golden Hen

Half Pint - Soul Mate

BONUS VID: scroll to 4:20 (unintentional) to see father Rodigan tear it down in the final rounds of the '08 UK Cup Clash with his Tenor Saw dub. Just the opening horn line and the people go nuts!

Live @ Home part 19

For those just tuning in, our San Antonio brother JJ Lopez has been a regular on the Fully Fitted blog for some time now. I recently got the request from Mr Devlin to see if Ol' JJ would be interested in doing a Live @ Home mix, and here it is. Seems like we just keep getting deeper and deeper.

Here are some words from JJ...

"I could have done this mix an infinite number of ways. There is just too much great music from this period to capture in one mix. None the less, presented here are a few classics of the mid to late 1970s R&B and Jazz scene. The Mizell Brothers, Curtis Mayfield, Donald Byrd, and the current sounds of El Michels Affair are really the inspiration here. I've made a few popular stops. I have also included the local San Anto sounds of Jimmy Edwards and managed to squeeze in Pi-R-Square, "Fantasy" on Wee for the deep heads. I wanted to do a mix for everyone to enjoy all summer long. It's very much on the deep vibe and just perfect for a hot Texas day, enjoy."


JJ Lopez Live @ Home part 19

Donald Byrd "Stepping Into Tomorrow" Blue Note
Gwen McCrae "90% of Me" Cat
Jimmy Edwards "When You're Down (Funky Mambo) GCP
Heliocentrics "Distant Star" Now Again
Bob James "Nautilus" CTI
Donald Byrd "Wind Parade" Blue Note
El Michels Affair "Cream" Truth & Soul
Curtis Mayfield "Do Do Wop" Curtom
Experience Unlimited "EVGroove" Experience Unlimited
Leroy Hutson "Lucky Fellow" Curtom
Bobbi Humphrey "Chicago Damn" Blue Note
Dexter Wansel "Theme from the Planets" Philadelphia International
Pi-R-Square "Fantasy" Wee
Lonnie Liston Smith "Devika (Goddess) Flying Dutchman
The Expressions "These Moments" Truth & Soul

For those that are not in the San Antonio area, you can tune into JJ's radio show every Saturday from 1-3 central standard time on WWW.KRTU.ORG.

Special Nigerian Disco Delivery/Live At Home

Very excited about this one... I contacted Frank from the always great Voodoofunk blog about doing a Live at Home mix. It turned out that he was on his way to Africa, but he had a mix for his new night "Lagos Disco Inferno" that needed a home...Needless to say, I extended our site.

I'll let Frank's words explain, but I highly recommend going to the blog and downloading the mixes there. Lots of heavy grooves and upliftment! Summertime soundtracks through and through.(this one has been in constant rotation in my headphones.)

Nigeria in the 70s had a recording industry that most foreigners cannot begin to comprehend.Hundreds of Funk and Disco bands recorded for big companies like EMI, Decca, Polydor, and an uncountable number of independent labels. Yet this incredibly vibrant scene remained ignored by everybody outside of West Africa. Until now: "Lagos Disco Inferno" is the only club night on earth devoted to spreading the power of Nigerian Disco music! It's time to face the heat and to fully submit ourselves to some of the heaviest grooves ever created by mankind. Lets get together and celebrate the heroes of a time and place beyond the things we know.
See you there,
SAT. June 20th 10pm $5 Gasslands 289 Kent ave. btwn South 1st &2nd


Frank - Boogie Trip

aside: There is no Tracklist as some of the tracks here are due out on an upcoming compilation

Frank on the quest for evy chunes ...

James Brown Birthday Tribute

So this last weekend in San Antonio was off the chain, smokey as can be, but still off the chain. I got in on Friday for Dj Jester's Get Busy monthly and just as that sh*t was just about get way cray cray, they pulled the lights and the party was done. Saturday I was cooling out with my dude, JJ Lopez, and he asked me to do his radio show. It was James Brown's birthday weekend, so we fittingly had a tribute show. Later that night we did the yearly Popcorn tribute to the godfather of soul himself.

Here is the radio show in two parts.


James Brown Birthday Tribute pt 1


James Brown Birthday Tribute pt 2

Update: Audiotistic Festival


D&D went out to San Bernardino, California last Saturday, backing Ms. Blank at the Audiotistic festival thang thang. We were originally scheduled to be on the Hip-Hop stage, but we managed to find a spot at the more appropriate Electro: Citrus Building w/ DJ Funk, Floss & Chromeo. The kiddies were out in full effect and decked out in the most mind boggling, non-parent approving outfits ever. All in all, everything turned out great and we're really excited for this upcoming Amanda Blank & Santigold tour. And... I finally got to meet Z-Trip, thanks to Thee Mike B!

Wow @ 3:00 part 2

Causes 2 Release and The Tim&Eric Remix we did

Ghostdad and I did this remix for Adult Swim's Tim&Eric. It got turned down because it was "a cover and not a remix". It really was a cover I guess, as the always impressive Sylvia Gordon re-sung the whole tune and flipped the gender script on T&E's "Petite Feet".

We were told to make it a "remix". Soooooooo, I inserted a few vocal sprinkles of T&E and still they were not happy . (I must admit this revision=sloppy/snarky, but it was kind of a SMFD move anyway, as Sylvia killed the track and I figured that a marketing douche was behind the requests). We were about to give the song, and the Dub version (epic Ghostdad piano riffs), away on this weblog, but we found a home for it.

A strange place for a lighthearted song about men with small feet, it will come out tomorrow on Waxplotation's Causes 2 CD. All the songs on the album were donated by the artists and the proceeds go to efforts to ease the conflict in Darfur. We were happy to donate this project. We hope it helps. We hope all the conflicts that continue to fuck up people's lives get the attention they deserve.

Petite Feet (Devlin&Ghostdad RMX feat.Sylvia Gordon) - Tim&Eric

Additional production: XXXchange
Bass: Eric Fatts

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