steel drums.

My lady is dancing around in the Kitchen to 50Cent and it got me thinking about Steel Drums. This song has a great steel drum breakdown(1:38). That Hot Chip song One Life Stand has a cool one too.


Do It To It 3 - SXSW

Ain't no vibe going on at SXSW this year. All the homies decided to choose between Miami or Austin & it seems most chose Miami.

For those are that in Austin, we got this going down tonight. This serves as the cd release party for the 3rd volume of the Do It To It compilation, which I posted about a couple of weeks ago.


Voodoo Funk Release/HOLY SHIT

Please head over to Voodoo Funk to check out the forthcoming release, and upcoming DJ nights in NY. (this Saturday @Southpaw and next and Tuesday @Savalas ) .... Frank's dedication to records rivals most.

Mike 2600 & Prince Klassen: Kamchruoch

Finally here! Mike 2600 & yours truly set out to make a mix of far out S.E. Asian psych rock & funk last December, and it is finally ready for delivery... well kind of.

The mix is technically a free download, but I ask you to take a look at the donation button as well. The proceeds we raise from the mix will go to Tiny Toones, a Cambodian youth outreach group.

There should also be a very limited edition physical run of the mix at some point soon. At least that is what Mike 2600 tells me...


lady remix (creeper bonus)

So I chopped up this video with a new patch in I'm working on. You can see a version of this Jitter program handling visuals (sans audio and with some effects) at the Fully Fitted party in Brooklyn. Here I have it connected to my MPC for cutting it up on the fly with those crispy pads. Still working out the nitty gritty...


Benefit Jam for Heaps Decent tonite. Go to the site to see some photos from our trip to the Juvie centre and hear Nina Las Vegas'5 min. mini mix of all the Heaps decent Jams.

I will do a recap on our 2nd trip to the Juniperina Juvenile Justice Centre upon our return to the states


p.s. also fully fitted party this friday at coco66! special guest dirtyfinger

Do It To It vol 3 sneak peak

Burlesque's Do It To It vol 3 is looking, and sounding, too good to be true this year. This will be released for SXSW 2010 and features yours truly from the Fully Fitted fam, as well as FF extended family, Smalltown Djs & Cubic Zirconia !!

::Listen Here::
Do it To it Volume III preview by Mike 2600
Get the full tracklisting here.


This Blog Needs Tits...

maybe the best video ever.

Watch this a few times in a row.

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