Soooo...I spent alot of the past couple weeks hanging out in my apartment with the widows open. I did some relaxing, made alot of breakfasts and worked on a bunch of music stuff. Some was successful, some was not. One of these things was a mix project for Shilo. I think this one is pretty good... To check it out, click the image Below.

(big thanks to shilo and Clayton, but not for that crazy pic of me he put up!)

in other news... 'Rueters confirms: Ma'am, you are Breakfast.'

Super Slammer Sundays II

Chris & I had the distinguished honor of performing at this weekends Electronic Music Festival in Detroit with Peanut Butter Wolf and 2 Live Crew. And, lucky for you, I have video! This one in particular is... straight-up live footage of the Crew's hit, "Me So Horny". Yes, before you click the link, it is exactly what you think it is... so buyer beware!

*Theres a surprise for those that make it to the 3:35 mark. Enjoy!

K Fresh's Hair (Merged)



Gary Wilson Beer


PBW in Detroit

Robo Bear


Graf Color

live @ Home Part 9.....Ghostdad

Ghostdad lives in Jamaica Plain. He really likes music and music gadgets. He also likes to make shit happen. He holds down 2 monthly Parties in Boston, and countless other wharehouse/arthouse/house parties. Ths is why he plays what he wants (without forgetting his crowd) and is a good DJ to play with.

His night at The Milky Way is Bass Invaders. Along with fellow resident Nick Yoder, Ghostfather plays all things Bass. Bass from Miami, Bass from Baltimore, Bass from Estonia, Bass from Brasil.. While Nick tends to keep it pretty much Bass and Vynil (dude has classics, I heard EAEA last month) Ghostdad goes between vynil and the Serrato and sprinkles in those Bassy Radio Jams for the gaggle of smart dancing ladies that come to the party each month...enough said..YOU should go..plug plug.

If you miss that, check out Ghostdad @ MofoRadio

Here he is on his mix:

"Chris asked me to do this a mega long time ago. I actually recorded one a while back I was gonna use but it came out shitty. It was way different and had Sledgehammer on it. Maybe that one will see the light of day later in another form. Took me a while to sit down and make another one cuz I was DJing something like every other day for over two weeks and hauling my equipment around like it was arguably my job. Now that that's calmed down, for this mix I grabbed some tracks I've been bumping lately on my radio show and at nights such as the fabulous Do It Again. All shameless plugs aside, it's a simple mix using Serato and vinyl. I've been having a lot of fun lately with midi controlled cue points and sending off airhorns with my wiimote but we'll leave the party tricks out for this one. But do look out for the Dadsampler, coming soon to a macbook near you!"

Live@home9 - Ghostdad


Osborne - Wait a Minute
Kraak & Smaak - Bobby & Whitney
Hott City - If All We're Gonna Do Is Dance
Giorgio Morodor - The Chase
Rod - Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo)
Sassa - Straight From The Heart (Fever Mix)
Gino Soccio - Rhythm of the World
Cajmere - Brighter Days
Hi Tension - Hi Tension
Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance (Acapella)
Rebel MC - Tribal Bass feat Barrington Levy & Tenor Fly (Foundation Mix)
4 Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare
Inner City - Good Lif

Where's My Name, Dickhead?!

kenna cock

Whosever responsible for omitting or neglecting to put my name in the title of the Kenna remix for the video game MLB 08 The Show...
I hate you.

MLB 08 jukebox

Kenna: Outta Control (XXXchange & Darko Remix)
aka - the "Free Donuts and Shell Fish Remix"

stuff that never got released pt.2 "Nausea"

another good one from the fall of '06 that never happened. No cool story behind this one. We toured with beck, briefly, he commissioned the remix around the same time. good dude. mad famous and shit. awesome band. great show. no idea why they didn't use the mix.

Nausea (xxxchange remix)

Nausea (xxxchange remix) instrumental

New Music Video.

... this just in from Balagan and Duey

"Here's a little collage project that fully fits Fully Fitted: I did this international sample grab of drums and handclaps originally with the intention of making a Baltimore club track, you'll notice the tempo is up there. But I said, "fuck it" as it took shape and became a Balagan (mess) like me. I asked the world's greatest video editor, Florida-Philly's Duey FM aka SystemD128 aka Stemspot to do up a video for it, and after capturing a ton of clips from my old foreign videos one weekend at him and Diplo's pad, this is what came out. Enjoy, and you better move your ass or you might be dead" - Balagan

From our Generous friends Part 3...

 My internet music friend (let's call her Nancy) sent me this spring music zip a few weeks back. Unzipped and uploaded, here is installment 1 of 2 :

Georgy Porgy - toto
tonite - Punkin Machine
Girls - The Moments

Nancy on the songs....

"I think good music tends to speak for itself. Unlike bad music which i love to talk about.
The less i say, people will google and maybe they will come across something they like. "

More Puppet stuff: The Chipset/Rockswell Files

 This is an old Sketch Charles Set and I worked on. Its a club edit of James and Bobby Purify's "I'm Your Puppet". We did this for a mixtape on Blentwell 2 years ago this month. Not a lost gem like the Lilly remix, but it used the same song. It just goes to show how deep that oldies addiction runs.
The mixtape edit. A DJ tool maybe ...
I'm YOuR PuppeT (dj Tool@129.5) - ChipseT & RockSweLL

about that wizard puppet: We were going to have our lablel be called Wizard Sleeve Music and make hoddies with snap out huge sleeves as well but it seems Erol Alken has beaten us to the punch, ONCE AGAIN!

Download the mix if you did'nt get it already in 06'...

also...These Djs have grown up SO MUCH in the last two years that they now use Grown and Sexy house Dj names Charles Set and Christopher Devlin.

stuff that never got released pt.1 "smile" LINK FIXED

This is the first post in what will hopefully turn into a series (if we don't get sued. lol.) of remixes and other stuff that was commissioned but never released for whatever reason. Out in palm springs last weekend me, Ron, Emily and some of our new friends were hanging out by the pool, this song came on my itunes, and we were like,"wow this didn't turn out so bad after all!" so we thought we'd share it with y'all since now it's a few years later and like pase says "she's pretty much irrelevant at this point."

This was a mix that I got asked to do in the fall of '06 by Lily Allen's people for her big song at the time"Smile." The song overall had some pretty good lyrics etc. but I wasn't totally sure about the music or what I could really contribute to it, 95 bpm not being one of my strongest areas. So I asked Darko to come over to help me brainstorm a quick idea up, and we ended up knocking the whole remix out in about 6 hours.

After flipping through my 90-100 bpm'd serato crate for a few minutes, we decided to do a little interpolation of the first few bars of "I'm your puppet," especially the bells part which worked well with her melody line. We replayed all the parts, added some breathy vocals of our own, for extra flair, wrote some new changes for the chorus, and turned it in. Initially I had high hopes, we got paid, the label loved it, BUT, apparently Lily hated it, so no biggie, I figured it would be shit-canned for good. About a month later we heard Mark Ronson's, or rather, Wale's remix, of "Smile" which sounded an awful lot like "I'm your puppet" too! haha looks like great minds think alike! (or at least do remixes by beat matching the two songs in serato and then replaying the samples!)lol. well anyway, without further ado here's our version:

Smile (XXXchange & Darko version)- Lily Allen

p.s. check out my old man in the pic with this "have a nice day" gravestone he carved.

Stakes Is High

There seems to be a lot of caterpillars crawling around the sidewalks these days. I didn't step on any, but I live in a large school zone... so I'm sure a lot of kids will. Sorry, Mr. Caterpillar, but life can get all up in your ass... you better work it out!


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