Here We Go Again

The Darkness has begun the daunting task of doing his taxes for yet another year. He's easing the number-crunching madness with taco flavored Doritos and listening to songs like this...

Finding the sum of your Burger King expenses when your receipts are
in different currencies... priceless. Also, filing your taxes gets you your George Bush economy boosting rebate check! Mr. Devlin, I'm looking at you buddy. I highly suggest using it to purchase this glorious gaming gadget... PSP is the new iPhone, just ask Pase.


Live @ Home....Part 5

In light of next week's Shake em down we have a mix this week from...

Knife :

A few things about Knife:

Knife has been living in my new neighborhood for 8 years. He has been holding down a number of hip hop related parties in Boston for that long as well . He just bought Serrato 4 days ago, but he didn't use it to make this mix. So this one is all vinyl.

Check Fresh Produce & Marinate for all his upcoming shit including Stienski this weekend....If you catch this guy at the bar or at the grocery, be sure to ask him about Lovebug Starski and Jiggy Jon.


OneTake.Live@home5 - Knife

Knife McDagger On the mix:

"Admittedly, this mix is a little sloppy, but thats what you get when you spend all your money on records and don’t fix your turntables or mixer. Sadly, this is probably one of the last all vinyl mixes I’ll record having bought Serato yesterday. I digress. What your about to hear runs the gamut from Jagged Edge to Pase Rock. I don’t have the attention span to play songs longer than a minute these days."

Next Thurday!!!!


D Lake was supposed to do a guest post for the blog, but he never got around to sending it in. So, I made his post for him. I hope you enjoy it.


Back in Baltimore for a great Party last night. All the people we like to see at a party where there, and it was a ton of fun. Thanks party people, and thanks Darren.

Thing about Baltimore is there are a lot of interesting characters here. I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of these people today.

The "hattmaster" :

Photo 160

A hatter, a hatter of Haters, a hatter of Hillary Clinton and a hatter of music thats too agro, and a hatter of all types of other shit. The hattmaster likes some things though, he told me a while back that he was a big fan of Bumblebee Unlimited's "Ladybug". We agree on this song's dopeness and thought that we should share. So Here is an edit of the edit (with an easter egg as tommorow is the Chocolate Bunny's holiday)

...And here is to you Hattmaster. No one can eat a Carnitas taco sin queso como tu cabroncito.

Easter Beat.Basket

Mustaches & Mini-Skirts

So we're doing the Fully Fitted monthly again this Thursday in NYC, but for all the peeps back in Baltimore... We've got a party thats gonna give you a reason to come back out and play again!

This Friday, the Hometown Heros are coming back to put a hurt on that liver! Devlin & Darko dj the night away at Joe Squared, featuring...

+A Drunken Spelling Bee
+Huge Mustaches
+Short Mini-Skirts
+Great Pizza & Beer
+Hosted by Claire Huxtable

Music starts at 9pm and its all FREE! - 133 W. North Ave.

Live @ Home....Part 4

Ronald James Darko sent me this mix a few weeks back and I was surprised. He actually did it! ... And in true Darko form he has no idea what the songs are on here!!! Awesome! The tracklist is a picture of the records that were laying around on his floor.

While his favorite songs are 90's rap Jams (most notably House of Pain's "Jump Around" and Pharoahe Monch's " Simon Says") this mix, mysteriously, doesn't include any of those.

If you have ever had the pleasure of going out on the town with Ronald, think about that when you listen to this mix. If not, well, here is a window into that groovy experience. Easy like a sunday morning.

Take it away Ron:

"When I read Chris' post about 'one-take mini-mixes' on this here very blog, I immediately called him and asked if the Darkness could participate. He, being the worlds nicest guy and unable to say no, indulged my fantasy of creating what can only be described as "musical heaven". With no clear agenda or game plan, I quickly began grabbing random records off the floor. Eventually, ending up with something that eerily reminds me of our once heralded Tensdays night at the Ottobar. Atleast musically, since many a random track and trainwreck were always present. Along with all of our friends yelling in our faces and making the "airhorn" noise whenever they heard a blend going off or even the slightest of needle skips.

So, download this mix, down a beer, push play and push the person next to you... Afterwards, immediately return to the blog and leave a comment on how great it feels to have been given a glimpse of heaven... and not had to have died (or gone to Baltimore) to see it!"

...and now, from the man who taught me the "up, up, up, drag" scratch (one day i'll get it old friend!) :

Glen Burnie Grab Bag - Ronnie Darko

Track list:


This Thursday March 20th

Thursday March 30th NYC

I'll be the one double fisting drinks and dancing with your girlfriend!

yukari fresh

from the escalator records website:
"Yukari Fresh is lazy. She is watching TV, especially Sport Channel, everyday. Her album "Yukari's Perfect!", "New Year's Fresh" and "Cityrama" are keeping good sales still now. She is sometimes dreaming of a girl band united by so cute girls all. "Erik" was out in Sep/2001, which is dedicated to Erik Zabel Maillot Verre cicliste. in 2003 her 3rd album "trefoils hat" was released."

highly recommend copping cityrama which these tracks are from. also good on escalator is losfeld and miniflex. if anybody has recent stuff from escalator will you hit me on the email? super hard to find this stuff even in new york.

yukari fresh "lost and found"
(sounds like techno made by cats)
yukari fresh "belinner weisse"
(css eat your heart out!)

Darko Diary: Part Deux (Qu├ębec City)

LIve @ Home....Part 3

In light of the upcoming festivities in Austin @ South by SouthWest, Live@home part 3 is a mix from a guy you can check DJing more times than a few in Austin this week...


I dont know exactly when I met Mike, I think it was around 05' in Minneapolis at First avenue and 7th st Entry (Prince/Purple Uncle Pase, can I get that DVD?). It was still the days of wine and vinyl and Mike was doubling up records and pulling off some kind of clean ass mix of Led Zeppelin with wierd electro. The next time I saw him he showed up at some college outside Minneapolis at this show for these kids at their janky ass snack bar. It ended up being a grand old time, and it's always good to see a familiar face when you pull up to a random snack shack in Minnesota.

Mike is a talented guy, either behind the mixer or at the sketch pad/scanner. He has designed countless posters, flyers, and album covers for artists around the globe. He has all this, and much of his other work here. No really, click that.

Yea Mike is great and all, but the real reason for this post is to present Part #3in the series Live@Home.

Here is what Mike had to say about his mix:

"I recorded this mix at home on Saturday March 1st. I then proceeded to go eat at this hole-in-the-wall BBQ spot in St. Paul with my homie Kenny Kingston. The owners have a photo up on the wall of them with Ice-T. After lunch I pretty much spent the entire day playing pinball at our studio until my friend Jake Money completely annihilated my top score of 67,890 with a brain-obliterating 89,680. Motherfucker titty sucker."


(right/cntrl click)

1. Mike the 2600 King "Startime Intro"
2. Pee Bee Squad "Pee Bee Rap"
3. Janne Schaffer "It's Never Too Late"
4. Johnny Hammond "Shifting Gears"
5. Lady Supreme "Doin' it Like This"
6. Main Source "Large Professor"
7. T-Ski Valley "Catch the Beat
8. Wildstyle OST "Down by Law"
9. Graham Central Station "The Jam (Mike 2600 edit)"
10. Dyke & the Blazers "Let a Woman Be a Woman (Mike 2600 edit)"
11. Kinks "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?"
12. Chic "Good Times"
13. Charanga '79 "Good Times (Como Vamos a Gozar)"
14. GLS United "Rappers Deutsch"
15. Xanadu and Sweet Lady "Rappers Delight"
16. Queen Samantha "Take a Chance"
17. Weeks & Company "Rock Your World"
18. Frederick Knight "Let Me Ring Your Bell Again"
19. Earth Wind & Fire "Bad Tune"
20. Crosby Stills & Nash "Carry On / Questions"
21. Ace "How Long"
22. Amanda Blank "Get it Now" acapella


There should be more music made by these guys. Also, if you have more of their music... send it to me. Or, if you are one of these guys, send me your music... then make more of it... and then send me that too!

Hot Boy Ronald - "Hot Boy Ronald"

Soulja Boy - "Yahhh!"

Jason Fox - "Aunt Jackie"

Live from the airport in Quebec city.

Wow. There is Snow everywhere and more on the Way. Djing tonite with (currently waiting for) Ronald James Darko in Quebec City, and Sunday in Toronto. Actually, the Sunday night just got moved to Saturday night because of a snow storm. Man...Snow is lovely and all, but it's March. COME ON! (Texas too..eesh)

You know where its probably not snowing...

The Jesus

Yea Rio...mmm..Rio...

Anyway this song: Princesa Negra d'Angola by Bebeto is sooo nice.

It was written...

"A real Paulista, groovemeister and guitarist, Bebeto moved to Rio in the late ‘70s, soon becoming a star of suburban balls and parties. His funky and soulful grooves were inspired heavily by Jorge Ben and Tim Maia. Credited as one of the creators of the funky guitar licks that are a trademark of Samba Soul, Bebeto has released over twenty albums."

Been really liking this song for a whie. I messed with the arrangement a bit to make it better for me to mix, but i won't be presumptuous...

Here is the original and the edit:

Princesa Negra d'Angola - Bebeto

NEW LINK..MP3 file

Princessa_Negra _d'Angola_(edit) - Bebeto

For alot of really cool Brazilian music/expesive ripped records go here

The Kid

Back when we were touring through Europe and the United Kingdom with Spank Rock (sometime in '06), we had this tour manager named Gez. He once told me this story that I found so bizarre, I had to write it down. I knew it would make for the perfect skit someday when I would be on Saturday Night Live or something. But, since I randomly came across it the other day, I figured I'd share!

A couple of years ago, Gez was touring with some unnamed rap group through Canada. Their travels had them speeding through the middle of the forrest of bum fuck nowhere. He was speeding to catch the last ferry of the night. It's the one you have to catch or else your screwed and have to stay another day. So, he had to make it... hence the speeding. Super focused and driving with a purpose, he sees a cop car, but says to him-
self... fuck it, I have to make the boat! So, he didn't slow down. Gez just pressed on, but some how... down the road, the cop car catches up to the van and pulls them over. The cop's car ends up being this hugh 4x4 truck type vehicle and the cop is this massive monster of a man. At first, Gez played dumb and decided to used the "I'm just a dumb tourist" line (when he knew better and had actually been in Canada for about 3 months). They talk and Gez explains his story of how he has to get to the last ferry or else and etc... Then, in the most serious of tones... the cop says, we'll I can write you a ticket and you can come back tomorrow for a speeding class or.... you can "talk to the kid". No Joke! Gez, all confused and questionalble, says what any normal person would say and goes... "I'll .... talk... to the.....kid?" Answering a 'yes' to the kid, but in a voice that goes up in the end like its a question. Theres a brief pause and Gez asks, "O.K., Where's the Kid?" To which the cop replies, "I got 'em in the truck". The cop goes back to his gigantic squad vehicle and time goes by really, really slowly... Gez is waiting and nervous. All of a sudden, a little 10 year old boy comes up to the window! "Eh, umh.. (in the littlest and most innocent of high-pitched, child like voices) shouldn't speed. Its very dangerous and there could be children..." Rightfully confused and shocked beyond belief, Gez manages to reply to the child... "You are absolutely right, speeding is wrong." A few more words of wisdom are spoken by the kid and soon after, he leaves and the cop lets Gez drive off. The tour van is silent for the next 10 minutes with nothing but puzzled faces. Gez makes the ferry.

the kidresize410

Live @ Home....Part 2

MAN! I have been recieving really cool and different mixes from people for this series. Just finished listening to 2 new fresh mixes from the south and SouthWest. More on those next week.

Today brings you a mix from Boston's own David Day. David Day is the Music and Arts editor @ Weekly Dig a weekly publication up here in Boston. What does he do? Well.. by his own description:

"I write. I edit. I publicize. I take pictures. I throw parties. I make movies. I DJ. I love music. My life is my work, my work is life -- Jack of all trades.... Master of none."

As far as i have seen, he is involved in most things electronic in Boston and has been for sometime. Check him out on the space, at basstown, and at this blog as well. Here's what he had to say about this little mix:

"Am I a DJ? The short answer is no. Although I've been at it for years and years, I have never practiced mixing and mainly mix things I have never heard before. I know, sounds lame, but generally it works out. Mixing in Chris Devlin's living room as he and Ariel were making Mexican food, I jumped right in on two underused CDJs with what I consider to be future club tracks. Ever since I started clubbing, I've been wanting the producers to drop more sine waves, higher pitches and more bass pulses into the mix. I never understood why prog-trance didn't embrace more avant-garde sounds. Ryoji Ikeda meets Richie Hawtin type shit. These almost do it. And that DJ Hell track is my life. "




Williams - The Unbearable Truth
Butane - I Didn't Know
Shackleton - Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix)
Crackdown - Political Velvet
ItaloBoyz - Zinga
DJ Hell featuring Billie Ray Martin - Je Regrette (Superpitcher Remix)

Videos? We got that too!

byrd w- buttonLite

Have you been left puzzled and pondering the possiblity of a video for xxxchange's re-edit of 100 Million and perplexed as to what it might possess? Then fantasize no more my Fully Fitted fanbull friends! Click the above picture of everyone's favorite artist formerly known as Baby aka The #1 Stunna and you'll see what it looks like in all of its beautiful and sparkling hi-res glory.

Brought to you by our secret collaborator Caleb (&/or), who we have hidden away and feverishly working on a super-duty deluxe project... which may be coming soon in the very distant and not near future.

Sometime around this time: Last Year.

This might be a little late but hey, I usually am. After I bought the LCD album Sounds of Silver, I listened to this mix by Zebo from Chicago. It had "Brainwash" by Telex on it. After hearing that song I thought , "man, thats where the 'Get Innocuous' bass line came from". Well I now I think was wrong, I think. Im pretty sure it's modeled off another Telex song though. That song is "Moscow Disco" . Either way, Telex made some cool records and Get Innocuous is a favorite of mine from last year.

Brainwash (Juan Atkins RMX) - Telex

Moscow Disco - Telex


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