Nicky (Real-Jobs) Crabtops & His Carnitas Recipe

Its cold here in the east, so when you can leave the oven on for a few hours to make delicious food, its generally a good idea to do so. Reformed (notorious) Baltimore party boi, Nicholas Crabtops, sent this Carnitas recipe to get you started.


Braising is my favorite way to cook meat.
Start with a shoulder

Break it down to good sized chunks and remove more or less fat and connective tissue

Save the scraps and make chicharrones (do that)

Season the meat with S&P, oregano, and cumin

Brown it in batches

If I don't have any home made stock I use a mix of chicken, beef, and veg, plus a jar of salsa verde, also add and onion, garlic, bay leaves, and some chilis

Cook low and slow with a tight lid at 215 for 3-4 hours

Don't look so percky anymore

Remove the meat and bust it up with forks use some braising liquid for lube, spread it on a baking sheet and roast for 15min at 350 to crisp it up. No pics i was too excited

Saute some brussel sprouts and steame with a little bit of that lube... serve with rice.

Add cilantro, onion, avacado, and pickled jalapenos, with some warm tortillas

Buenas Noches

Questions for Crabtops? ...he is HERE

Wha Happened Last Night

Every time I play this song someone says, "yo, what the fuck is this?" ...Well it's an awesome club re-edit of Clipse's "What Happened To that Boy" by Amphibious.


Check him HERE and HERE

Black Eyed Peas Remix

I was kinda stoked they asked me to remix a song that I had actually heard on the radio, but it didn't get used for whatever reason.

You can download off my soundcloud if you like this kinda thing ;)

THE TIME xxxchange remix by xxxchange

Win Win - Release RPM

As some of you already know, Fully Fitted got a new project going on called WIN WIN. XXXchange, Devlin, and Ghostdad run the WIN WIN show and the full length album is due to drop Feb 15th on Vice Records.

Lots of blogging been taking place for the leaks of the first single off the record, Release RPM, featuring Lizzie from Gang Gang Dance on vocals.

Now the official version of the single is out in all it's wonderful glory with an unreleased B-side sitting nicely next to that Moombahton remix from Nadastrom.

Go BUY the single from itunes now. Let's go!!!!

Strange Brew...

This new Knife mix is great for running/PUMPING IRON. It really sounds like a set you would have heard from Knife at Shake em Down in the old Milky Way Lounge (RIP).

When he's not DJing, Knife is busy at Goodlife keeping the working DJs of Boston employed, as well as booking out-of-towners like Scottie B, Eleven, Stretch, Assault, and Prince Paul... Good work bud. What he's not doing is posting on his ol' blog (c'mon). Thankfully Sleazy Trees is keeping the laugh quotient high OVER THERE. That's what i say, heres what Knife says...

"Hey y'all! Here's a live mix of some old and new tracks I'm feeling
right now. Special shout out to Will C from Traffic for mastering this
bad larry. Please visit when you get a chance. Thanks
for taking a listen and enjoy responsibly kids!"

Head to Souncloud to DL:
DJ Knife Presents: Strange Brew by d.j.knife

PS: If you missed Knife's Live at Home a few YEARS back dont worry the link is live...
Knife: Live at Home

RELEASERPM Nadastrom Moombaton Remix

Nadastrom (aka originators of Moombahton) remixed our song RELEASERPM for the release of the upcoming single and we couldn't be more psyched! According to Nada himself this will be the first "Moombahton" track pressed to wax. Pretty neat! Grab both tracks over at Pitchfork or at Vice Records where you can also follow all the audio and video promos that have been dropping as of late. The 12" single comes out on the 18th!

Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow (prince klassen 85 riddim blend)

Here is a new blend I made yesterday. Hope this finds a nice home in your digital crates, pod pods, and playlists.

Happy New Year from yours truly.

Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow (prince klassen 85 riddim blend)

Prince Klassen Looking At Things

Someone (don't know who) finally put Klassen's stately (possibly) asian man status on blast!

Inspired by:


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