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Live @ Home....Part 1

The title of this Post is taken from a Richy Pitch Ep of the same name (Dope Cover!!). I think it is a really good title for this new seris of mini-mixes here at Fully Fitted so, I'm Jacking it. I'm getting some freinds and fellow Djs to make a mix at home (1 take no edits) and send it in to be distrubuted on the internets.

I did this one the other Day, sometimes things don't go as you planned.

Live@Home_vers2.1 - C.Devlin (UPUPUP(up)DATED LINK)

Shit, Playlist :


Aw C'mon!! crappy MacBook speakers?? ..put it on the stereo or headphones or sumthin.

Stay tuned for more installments...

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Dr Phil

Dude this is sweet. I'm from South Africa - hearing pass the calabash in a 2008 mix is well well good. You have it on vinyl?

Diplo "discovering" Blk Jks when he was here last year is also cool - can't believe they're selling on ttlab! Viva South Africa!

Just wish SA DJs could be this creative... Wanna come play Joburg and Cape Town? All of you are more than welcome. It's a rad country.


i put it on the speakers. it was good


that richy pitch ep was underrated.


good looks on biting my set from 3 years ago.

why is listed as 2.1? i thought we agreed on 1st take rules.


2.1 is because.... I have another Live at home set. but it is in tape form in baltimore to be posted. L8r and your 3 years back set... hmmm.. was that Dj Control?

caleb &/or

muy beuno. i can't listen to that CKMann song without humming the sugarhill gang cause of those afrodisiac sound system eps. i wanted more Tribe vs LCDs at the beginning!!!


Sigh...this world (and mixes for that matter) need more Love...A+ as always.

Anthony Arroyo

I just listened to this all the way through; well done. Who the shit is Ariel Goodman-Weston, though. That is the artist that comes up on the iTunes.

Emily Rabbit

more more more...


Please post another link, this one is expired.

Shaking and sweating over here, need my fix.


Link has been changed .. It works again now.


The Discerning Philistine

The Discerning Philistine('s girlfriend) really loved this and especially the part about zipping up my boots.

This same girlfriend is really excited that you are doing a show this week because no school on Friday! And that = fun. So are you bringing AG-W?


yes. but she not in town untill sunday.. boooooooooo


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