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EVR Last night.....

...Was fun as hell. thanks to big Eli Escobar for bringing me in to do it. mad exclooooosives on this mix, so, enjoy!
(note: the word "exclusives" should always be pronounced with a thick Baltimore accent to maximize enjoyment, especially while referring to joints, jawns, jams, etc...)
128kbps mp3:
Authentic Shit 2.8.08

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where's the begining ....

Mike at TheMusic.FM


This was an awesome show and showcase of your recent work. I have to echo Mr. Devlin... I'm not sure why there's only 55 minutes of the show available on the EVR site. Can you find out if they archived the whole thing and if they can make it accessible?

By the way, I think we were the only site other than your own to announce the show before it went on.



Excellent work.

As a UK kid it can be hard to get my fix of Spank related wonderstuff so this was an absolute delight!

The Santogold remix is my personal highlight, top dollar. I'm loving the electronic yet proggy feeling of it.

And finally I'm all over 100 million:

Justice + Spank Collective = Electro hip-hop wet dream.



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