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Live @ Home....Part 6

This one just in from 7L.

Yes man, the 7L of 7L & Esoteric, and more recently Bladerunners. 7L has been holding shit down in Boston on the scene for some time. Just hit the google or wikipedia and check the credentials. The Bladerunners is a more recent endevour, but they have been going hard as well, putting out remixes, edits and mixtapes. You can find all that here, along with a schedule of their parties ect. (so hey... purchase Bladerunner mixtapes to support working djs!)

Bonus: Next week a mix from 7L's partner in Crime Beyonder.

7L on the mix:

"For starters, like everyone always says,I could pick pretty much every mix/cut/blend on this thing, which I did, and re recorded the mix right after the first run thru, but all the spontaneous shit was gone, some songs weren't planned, but came out cool, ect, ect...all in all I am happy with it...def thought some of the mixers were way cleaner, but what can ya do..I am sort of a hack anyway when it comes to that, I am still big on the 'match the tempo, but just cut for 8 Bars and just slam the next in' kind of dj... I used my trustly wax, my 1200's, pioneer djm 500 and my sp 303...actually had a real, real good time doing this, so I am pumped Mr Delvin gave me the go a head!!"


Live@home#6 - 7L

1- NO I.D - Satisfaction (Hydra)
2- James Brown - Hot Pants (Polydor)
3- Volume 10 - Pistol Grip Pump (Immortal)
4- Royal House - The Chase (Idlers/Warlock)
4-The Hellars Spoken Word Break
5-Clive Hicks - Look Hear (KPM)
6-Zoo -If You Loose Your Woman (Mercury)
7-Skull Snaps - Its A New Day (Steinski Re Edit)
8-Sam Sever - Words Of Wisdom (Mo Wax)
9-Kool G Rap & D.J Polo - Letters (Cold Chillin)
10-Assagai - Telephone Girl (Vertigo/Mercury)
11-Milk D - Get Off My Log (Def Amercian)
12-Doo Wop & The Bounce Squad - Bounce Master (Virgin)
13-The Mad Lads - Gone The Promise Of Yesterday (Volt)
14-Dave Matthews - Wonder If (People)

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damn broke out the bounce master on em! nice mix brah.


this is freakin awesome. i have had this on my ipod for 5 days. i love it.
7L really knows how to rock it!


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