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live at home pt.12 xxxchange

Since I did that shilo mix last month that basically has little or nothing to do with what I actually do when I deejay at parties and stuff I figured it's finally time to throw one of these together. so! without further ado, here's me live in my living room in all it's sloppy un-edited glory!

1. Black Ghosts "I Want Nothing"
2.Bag Raiders "Fun Punch" (xxxchange remix. mash version)
3.Ghost Hustler " Busy Busy Busy" (prince Klassen re-edit)
4.LCD Soundsystem "Get Innocuous" (Soulwax Remix)
5.Daft Punk "Alive"
6.Kissy Sellout "Her" (Touche remix)
7. Fake Blood "Blood Splashing"
8.Xinobi "Day Off"
9.Channing "Peanutz Enhancer" (Mobbing remix instrumental)
10.The Kills "Cheap and Cheerfull" (Sebastian Remix)
11.Unknown "Heartbroken" (cover version!?!)

xxxchange "live at home 12" (zshare)

if anybody has a track ID on this last one hit me up. Benzi gave it to me saying that it's the original version of T2's "heartbroken" but one look at the way it's mastered and ,well, i'm not so sure.

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That cover of heartbroken is by no requests.... and bloody good it is too


sinden used the same version in his essential mix


so the verdict is in. cover version by No Requests. thanks guys!


That tracklist looks sick, checking pt.12 now.


Any chance you might upload the Rick Ross - Hustlin Remix (Full Skate Version). I love that beat, the fabriclive version is cool but i leave that on repeat for my skate playlist and even bought the soundtrack hoping for it


word yeah lot of people have been asking for that one. keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks


Thanks, you are the man, Alex. Also thanks for getting me into Zero Zero.


Sick Sick mix...


Any chance of a re-up on this or any mixes of what you play out.



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