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Live @ Home part 13

From February to August we did a sereis of mixes here called Live@home. All the mixes were recorded Live, in someones house, with no post-mix editing. They came out pretty dope and we got a lot of really great Feedback. Well, its time to grease the wheels for this next round of mixes with a couple given to us in the same vein, for exclusive download.

This week: Eli Escobar who is, among other things, the mastermind behind Pase Rock's Grammy award nominated 12" So Fuckin Disco.

This Mix from Eli is one that he streamed at his Blog but has given to us to post up for download. It's Live, it's from his home and now its yours world...

Eli on the Mix:

"I was digitizing this 12 inch of this old Imagination song and just started djing while I was recording for about 38 minutes. The thing that always surprises me about vinyl is I can lock in two records in about 3 seconds, go make myself a frozen pizza, eat it, take a shit and come back 6 minutes later and they will still be perfectly in synch. Big difference from Serato (especially when you're djing in a club and the bass is making your green circles all fuzzy). I've been really struggling with the gayness of Serato recently and although I have no plans to stop using it, djing with records every once in a while is good therapy! So these are just old records I've had for years and years and still never get sick of hearing. Enjoy!"

Damn!6 mins.Cook, Eat, shit. Eli Escobar, you are a genius for that one

DOWNLOAD : Eli Escobar - Fucking Around With Records

TrackList (in lyrics for iphone/ipod/itunes):
Imagination - This Means War (Dub)
Junior Byron - Dance To The Music
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (Dub)
Warp 9 - Light Years Away (Dub)
Affinity - Don't Go Away
Affinity - Don't Go Away (Dub)
Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise
Steve Arrington - Dancing In The Key Of Life (Timmy Regisford Remix)
Earons - Land Of Hunger (Dub)

A Jawa,Gene Simmons, Homer Simpson and others presiding over the mix in Eli's home :

eli house

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Friday just got soooooo much better cheeaaaaaahhhh


Could someone re-up the previous Live @ home mixes. The zshare files uploaded before Nov 08 were all lost.


well I am not sure what links you are trying to get to, but they seem to all be in divshare and are now all located in the sidebar for your downloading pleasure.

-prince klassen via devlins email


You're right, except for the xxxchange mix though. Could it be re-upped for posterity ?


Devlin any chance you re up the discobelle mix you did with pretty titty as that was a z share and the link is no use any more?


Got you guys on both.


Thanks !


Anonymous is a Leecher!


obviously a leecher,


Here is SinkOrSwim...

Alexxx Live@Home on the way


Man ya'll do what you but hey, the mix was only there for a couple of weeks.


ditto on serato "drift" being a pain in the nuts. if you rane guys are reading this take note! (even though i'm pretty sure you hate us anyway!lol)


Serato is a piece of shit half the time.

Alexxx change Link updated


cheers for the sink or swim re up devlin, also all the stuff that never got released z share links are not working cause of z share disabling all the old links about a month or so ago


All should be fixed.


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