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Live @ Home part 14

It's been almost a year exactly since Live@home jumped off and its great to have Chico Sonido here for the birthday party. I asked for a Live@Home mix and he obliged. Lucky for us. This mix is the shit.

On the Mix:
" 'paisadelic' is the word i like to use to describe the sound of my first album wich is a mix between the words "paisa" (that comes from "paisano" that is the term mexicans use to call the one from their own country, in LA this word is used by cholos to refer to mexicans) , and the word 'psychedelic'. "

Mix is released here and over at 8106....they post cool videos and good MP3s...visual game, also tight.

Paisadelic - Chico Sonido LIve@Home 14


A few things about Chico Sonido : He is from Mexico and is currently living in LA. He did that awesome cumbia refix of Rye Rye's Shake it To The Ground last year. He apparently has an awesome record collection. He is set to release an album sometime real soon. Check out his tracks and mixes here.

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chico sonido paisadelic mix tracklist

tropical vallarta - tu corazon y el mio
carlos morua - tristemente solo
jeanette - frente a frente
los terricolas - la verdad es que me gustas
los terricolas - cenizas
los pasteles verdes - esclavo y amo
apocalipsis - un año mas sin ti
hermanos de la cruz - igual que los demas
los angeles negros - el rey y yo
jose jose - tu melodia
nelson ned - no digas no
fresa salvaje - dos gardenias
johnny olivo - dame una sola noche para amarte
jose luis y los maloos - nosotros
david - dejame conocerte
los riscos - sombras
los yorks - facil baby
super gallo - mordiendo el polvo (habre de sobrevivir)
jonny chingas - cruising down whittier boulevard
chico sonido - antes que nadie

alonso ruvalcaba


thanks, man


chris how come some of the live at homes are downloadable and some arent? what i am trying to say is i want to download this one. get it?


they are all downloadable hun,

Just hold the control button and click the link


I AM SO INTO THIS MIX!!! tho confused by the terminology, here cholos=mexican gangsters???



k bueno. jonny chingas takes me back. phone home.

Ryan D.

god damn this is good. I love that los angeles negros track!!!!!!

Chico Sonido

thanx everybody! , mad props to mr devlin , i appreciate your support , and answering the cholo ? , yes , cholos are some kind of mexican gangster , not all of them are cool tho, and some are really cool like my man kid frost on this video , then you have the cholas or "hynas" , and last but not least you defenitely need to know about "pachucos"


yup...I agree with Durkin, and so do the Beastie Boys.

Desert Bandit


from Mexico

Chico Sonido
we´ll be waiting 4U!!



thx 4 jonny chingas - cruising down whittier boulevard search 4 long time .firm azz rolaz

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