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Live @ Home 22: Joe T

Joe T (formerly known as DJ ComaToast) and I went Art school together back in the early 00's. We would hang out and talk about graffiti and records and occasionally DJ together. It was a great time to be DJing, everyone was really down to just dance and it was before every city had some sort of internet dance scene, so the wide range of records being played at parties like Taxadermy Lodge didn't seem forced, it was just good music for dancing (not a novel idea i know).

Joe T and Joe Hoyt had an occasional residence at TaxLo and thats where I first heard him play. He played funk, disco, cool modern dance tracks and some shit that was a bit to far out (in a Nucleus kind of way) for the drunk chicks, but it was really cool. I asked him for a mix of songs he's been listening to lately and, lucky for you I, he sent this :

Count Down To Oblivion(live@home 22) - Joe T.

...on the Mix:

"This mix for me is a sampling of music to make art by. Its basically some rock stuff and some folky hippie tunes I enjoy lately in my studio. My tastes kind of change every couple of years, I still love the funk, soul, and Latin stuff, but right now this is where I'm at. Honestly, I've really been a bad record nerd lately. I currently reside in Chicago, but look back fondly on the freaky dj'ing and partying days in Baltimore. Thanks to Mr. Devlin for letting me share."

Joe also did the fresh artwork for the mix...MOre @ his BLOG


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hillow hammet-trouble
mahogany rush-magic man
the establishment-house of jack
gandalf-can you travel in the dark alone?
morley grey-ive got a feeling about you
capt beyond-evil men
cat mother-heebie jeebies
aluminum dream-strangers
catanooga cats-my girlfriend is a witch
zigzag people-little bit o soul
sopwith camel-you always tell me baby
dando shaft-comin back to me
fugs-queen of the nile
one st. stephen-november edgar
steeleye span-the blacksmith
i can't read-japanese


Hell yeah. Great selection. Always good to hear the house of jack


#@&*(@# i JUST missed the opportunity to "borrow" my moms Sopwith Camel LPs. Oh well. This will do NICELY...


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