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Live @ Home part 23... Dr. Ruddz

I met Ruddz in Monterrey, Mexico when Darko and I got invited down there to DJ. We played at this crazy Art festival in an old foundry that ended with a performance of fire breathing metal sculptures and dancing/repelling costumed creatures.... We also met Luis on this trip who, on a drunken whim after our DJ night, said he was gonna go to Europe with us to hang out and party (we were leaving the following day) . He wasn't joking, and was in the lobby at 8 am the next morning drinking espresso. You would think this would be creepy but it turned out to be an great example of "One More Daying it". Pretty amazing and hilarious time...but I digress.

Dr. Ruddz always sends me awesome Cumbias and weird edits from the deep south, so I asked him to do a mix...He sent over this nice mix and a couple exclusive tracks as well. Gracias guey!!!


"we have a funky situation going on and Its not very hard to notice that there's a beautiful woman involved into it. Yes yes yes this mixtape was made strictly for those cute ladies who inspires us to spin groovy sets for hours just to keep them moving from side-2-side over the dancefloor (or at those private overnights pj parties @home). Party Disco Jamz. It's a blend including all kinds of picks i've been listening last few weeks, some of them i never have a chance to play at regular gigs, some of them are always in the bag, some of them are old, some of them are new, some are made by friends & some are made also by me. Hope you like it.

Funny thing is that the session was also sort of experiment, came out with a solution to record live tracked sets using the rane serato box and your home studio I/O interfase. Just need 4 x RCA mono "Y"-kind of extension cables to split every Serato output into 2 independent mono outputs. Every Left/RIght LINE output of the Serato should connect one end to the djmixer and the other end goes directly to the I/O interfase in two separated channels @Logic. You can use also third channel to record the session mix as it. Totally Live at home... It works fine!"

Dr. Ruddz - Pijama Party Disco Jamz
†racklist in Comments

Tramvay No.5 - Disco Champions (Dr.Ruddz ft. ChicoSonido edit)

Lucrethia & The Azoto 14008 - Dance Skinsation (Dr.Ruddz insdrumental edit)

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also, Narrow, Go Carts la proxima vez!!!


LIVE AT HOME with...
Dr.Ruddz - Party Disco Jamz

Moodyman - Untitled Pimp Intro
Bohannon - The pimp walk
Tramvay No.5 - Disco Champions (Dr.Ruddz ft. ChicoSonido edit)
Rah Band - Messages from the Stars
Beatconductor - I Cant Go For That
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #5 - Original Mix
Jazzy Dee - Get On Up (Situation Edit)
Beatconductor - Funky Boogie
Jackpot - Ragazza (In Flagranti Remix)
+ Dee Lite - Good Beat (acapella)
Daniel Wang - Like some Dream
Terrence Parker - Your Love
Bottin - Sciarando El Scuro
East Coast - The Rock ( 12" Mix)
Sparque - Music Turns Me On (Instrumental)
Loose Joints - Is it all over my face (female vocals version)
ESG - Party Music
James Curd ft. J-Dub - We Just Won't Stop
Roy Ayers & Gichy Dan - Cowboys And Gangsters (Edit De Shux)
Mach - On and On
6th Burough Project - Planets
Lucrethia & The Azoto 14008 - Dance Skinsation (Dr.Ruddz insdrumental edit)
Lory D - The Bank Robbery
+ Detroid Grand Pubas - Sandwiches (acapella)
Kebekelektrik - Magic Fly (Album Version)
Felix Da Houscat - ELVI$ (2manyDJs Edit)
Vasil Naidenov - On The rush, there's no time (Dr.Ruddz faster edit)
Toño Fox Y Somos Amigos Outro


link is downski


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maayyyynnne any mexican tryin to include loose joints is someone ima have to meet!!! thanks for la musica!!!

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