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Live @ Home part 28 ... Simon Phoenix

This mix is just in time for all your summer trips. It's a really nice mix of oddities and obscurities. Suitable for: a nice afternoon, a window down drive, or the morning after a long morning.

"Most people know me as the dj/promoter guy from Tax Lo, but during the work week in addition to all the Tax Lo stuff, I'm the manager of Wayside Music, a music mailorder and distributor that specializes in avant, experimental, off-beat, progressive and rehearsal intensive rock, jazz and contemporary music, (the ever so popular) Krautrock, the Nurse With Wound list, space rock, fusion, psych, and plenty of undefinable musics from across the globe. I've been doing this for 11 years now, so most of these tracks were ones I discovered at work. This is by no means an overview of what we do, just a short mix of some stuff I've been feeling lately. Unlike the stuff I play at Tax Lo, there is no dance music on this mix"

Live @ Home 28 - Simon Phoenix

note: Simon Djs regularly at Tax Lo (big party) in Baltimore....I could go on about Tax Lo and Simon and Cullen's contributions to Baltimore nightlyfe and youth culture.. but that would bore. They have done a pretty swell job over the years of keeping it fresh and moving forward. Big shouts to Chris O, Dan, and Mikey Mayhem and all the art school girls of Tax Lo, from Good Love to Sonar.

Tracklist in comments and embedded for your MP3 pleasurE

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Between "Devotion"
Cybotron (Australia) "Suite 16"
Cluster "Prothese"
/Mothers "Help I'm A Rock"
White Noise "My Game Of Loving"
Phillipe Besombes "Chocolate Cream"
Achim Reichel "Die Tochter Der Frostriesen"
Hawkwind "Lost Johnny"
Alain Goraguer "Les Hommes / La Grande Co-Existence"
Placebo "S.U.S."
Bo Hansson "De Svarta Ryttarna"
Alphonse Mouzon "Mind Transplant"

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whoa WAIT, AG savage planet AG? This is from that no? GDAMIT download already. (sick sick sick flick/record/best thing ever).


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