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Live at Home 31: Bennett4Senate

Continuing the Brookline to Brooklyn Fully Fitted connect, Bennett4Senate submitted this entry to the live at home archives. At above thirty we're forging into our pearl years (or diamond?) and no better way to do it then with one of WFMU's finest! This from Bennett:


Bennett4Senate - Live at Home pt 31

I know this mix series is supposed to be "things I can't play live," but mine ended up being kind of backwards. I've been doing my show on WFMU for the past six months or so, where freeform is the norm, so the weirder the better, and I've barely stepped into a club in that time. I think everything on here I've played on the show, but when I'm in there I'm not beat matching or anything, so my Sunday afternoon vibe is actually a chance to dust off the Serato and try to get a more proper continuous mix going.

I'm pleased with how this came out, its a lot like what I'm aiming for with my show, but pared down for more focused consumption. Both beat-heavy sections and synth pad scenic atmospheres, a mix of old records and new WAV files (lossless son!). Sounds like lots of synths of course, library music, vocoder Neil Young, acid techno ragas, a couple soundtrack cuts, 90s Lion King feel good vibe house, ambient album cuts from disco LPs, a splash of r&b... also a bunch of new material, which has been the refreshing surprise of being on a radio station that gets tons of new independent music every week. The record industry may be a big ? right now but contemporary music is still inspiring. So this mix has some new Detroit house, "chillwave," even some autotune.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this. I've really enjoyed listening to the rest of the Live at Home series, y'all are deep!!

- Bennett4Senate
Photo above form Bennett's flickr. See more of his art at and hear him on WFMU Thursdays from 3 to 6 am plus out in the Brooklyn area. On a personal note Bennett has been a big influence on me from both his radio playlists and trading mpfrees on thumb drives. Thanks for this mix dude!

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James Asher - Cosmic Dust
Charanjit Singh - Raga: Bhairav
Alex Cima - Rocket's Cat
Chris and Cosey - Morning
Cybotron - El Salvador
Neil Young - Computer Cowboy
AnIta Feldman and Michael Kowaiski - Riffle
Piero Umiliani - Antiche Tradizioni
Ten City - Suspicious
Jef Barbara - Larmes De Crocodile (Fresh Version)
Kyle Hall - Ghosten
ROTFLOL - Wish U Were Here
The Samps - Yellow Jacket
Washed Out - New Theory
Nobody - One for all Without Hesitation
Cerrone - In the Smoke
Azymuth - Amazonia
Alan Silvestri - The Ship Beckons (from Flight of the Navigator Sdtk)
Lil B - Robots Forever (Based Freestyle)
Moodswings - State of Independence
Gold In the Shade - Over You
Larry Lewis - Concordia


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